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Boot kneel lick mistress slave

xXx Images Boot kneel lick mistress slave.

That is not the end of his suffering, once Goddess Tangent gets Her boots out of his mouth, he is made to snort Her colorful, but stinky socks and at the end, of course…. Lady Janet is sitting there like the Goddess she is!

Dressed in leather wearing a wicked pair of high heel boots she is watching down at her devoted slave who is kneeling in front of the chair his Mistress is sitting on.

She caught him while staring at her so she gives him a nice slap right into his face. Then she commands him to worship her sexy boots licking all the dirt and dust off the soft leather.

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Lady Janet observes the humiliating task of her devoted slave all the time. She abuses his tongue as a rag wiping the dirty soles of her wicked boots over his tongue.

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She forces him to suck on the heels like it is a cock watching it with an arrogant smile on her lips. Lady Janet is such a hot Lady!

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A honor being allowed to lick the dirt she walked on! Great POV scenes and nice close ups.

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She makes him try again, but he fails this time too, so she stands up and slaps him very hard again and again. She decided that she is going to punish him until he knows what and how to do to make her satisfied. Kneeling before the leather perfection that is Cybill Troy and Fetish Liza, this slave knows that failure is not an option.

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He eagerly alternates licking every bit of dirt and filth from their gorgeous leather boots, and inhaling their smoke, ash and spit. Soon, it becomes clear that this will be no easy task as the sadistic Dominas gag him into heaving wretches with their spike heels and cigarettes, covering his face in thick gobs of their spit, forcing it down Boot kneel lick mistress slave convulsing throat with their leather gloves.

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They scoop the filth from his mouth to spread across his defiled face, forcing him to swallow every last bit for their amusement. After a lovely walk outside, my black leather boots look so dirty! He must do it carefully and thoroughly as I want my boots to be in pristine condition again.

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Starring Goddess Andrea Untamed. Amazon Goddess Andrea Untamed is a vision in head-to-toe leathers, from her leather gloves to her second-skin leather pants, and all the way down to the toes of her size 11 leather thigh high boots, she is perfection.

She knows it, and the obedient slave at her feet knows it. Kneeling before his owner, he laps every spec of filth from her boots, licking and gagging as she forces the toe and heels down his slutty throat.

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