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Boots 7 anti aging cream

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When a documentary declared that a Boots anti-ageing cream actually worked, stocks of the serum vanished faster than frown lines, with a whole year's supply of the lotion disappearing from the shelves within a fortnight.

But the frenzy surrounding the "No7 Protect and Perfect" range may not have been so half-baked after all.

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The results of what is thought to be the first reliable clinical trial of any anti-wrinkle cream available on the high street suggest that it really does help to reduce wrinkles. In what may spark a second wave of hysteria over the product, scientists at Manchester University concluded that around a fifth of people who used the cream for six months saw some improvement in their skin.

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The trial, which compared Boots "No. An independent investigation by the BBC's Horizon programme last year caused a run on a product from the same range of creams after it was found to be the only one tested to have any beneficial effect. Prescription drugs known as Boots 7 anti aging cream have been proved to repair skin that has been aged by sun exposure, but there is scant evidence that the plethora of cosmetic anti-ageing products have a similar effect, Griffiths added.

In the study, 49 women and 11 men aged between 45 and 80 used either the anti-wrinkle product or a placebo moisturising cream for six months. Tests on the volunteers' skin showed that those who used the anti-ageing cream were producing a protein called fibrillin-1, which makes skin more elastic.

The research appears in the British Journal of Dermatology.

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