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Dating apps don t work

New xXx Pics Dating apps don t work.

Zero women are responding to me on Hinge or Bumble.

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The one thing they all have in common is that none of them work for me. If the app on my phone delivered profiles of beautiful, funny women who like dogs and Star Wars and nachos?

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Women that enjoy late night philosophical conversations over a cocktail? And out of the hundreds of women that I liked, some would respond. And a handful of them would meet me and give me the opportunity to ruin my chances with them in person.

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Or maybe some of them would ruin things with tales of a previously undisclosed cat or by chewing with her mouth open. Maybe they were bored, or joined on a dare, were just curious, or met someone and have since forgotten about the app and no longer check responses. Number 2 is very possible considering that a huge number of profiles were revealed to be Dating apps don t work during The Great Ashley Madison Hack of If there are lots fakes on that site, why not on other sites and apps too?