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Pigs are assholes

XXX Photo Pigs are assholes.

Curious, I asked him who she was. It was a response that was particularly strange given that she was in no way acting slutty or self-demeaning. Indeed, in the few words I had exchanged with her she seemed perfectly friendly and nice.

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Women understandably get upset about this, and there are a million posts across the internet about male misogyny and how guys need to stop shaming women, lest they be shamed themselves. No disagreement here that guys need to stop saying these kind of things. But the door swings both ways. Are those women misandrists man-haters?

Should they be shamed? Shame is not going to fix the problem.

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Because at the core of all this real or imagined misogyny and misandry is one thing:. But in general frustration is not necessarily a bad thing.

The issue occurs when frustration becomes a state of being. This is because of a little known truth: When you start generalizing the opposite sex as bad, your options with the opposite sex will become bad.

If you think things are going to be bad, over the long term they will probably be bad.

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Not all men will actually be assholes. Just the ones in your life. For all the pain and suffering in the dating world right now, people are still getting into great relationships and having amazing romances.