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No matter how many times I visit, it always takes my breath away. Holly has created an Egyptian Collection of jewelry inspired by Cleopatra, scarab beetles and all things Egypt!

I love the gold plated scarab necklace which easily goes from day to evening wear.

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Holly told me recently about how she got started creating her jewelry, her inspirations, thoughts on this coming fall fashion and her passion for jewelry design:. Can you tell us a little about your self and how you started designing custom jewelry?

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I started as a sculptor of the female form. During that time, I spotted a jewelry class that covered the basics like sawing, Shannon holly bikini, etc. So I jumped into the class and it was incredibly fun. I loved exploring metal, melting, hammering and sculpting it. I understand you faced hardships in your life that caused you to temporarily stop your design work. Can you tell us a little about this and how you overcame these obstacles?

Inafter successfully launching, marketing and establishing my jewelry line, we had a house fire. I was poised, just before it occurred, to create a web presence and to reach out to higher-end boutiques. I had collaborated with other designers successfully and felt ready for the next stage of the business.

The fire derailed me. We rented houses and began rebuilding our home. When we returned, I found it impossible to begin creating again. All that marketing and Shannon holly bikini those relationships forged over the years were gone.

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I had to start from scratch. This thought alone was immobilizing.

Jewelry Designer Holly Shannon's Rise...

I felt no inspiration and very much deflated when people would ask if I would continue. So, rather than abandon it, I started painting. Delving into a new medium, studying color theory, playing with paint. It let me explore my creativity without defining what type of artist I was.

Slowly I began to create jewelry for myself, one-of-a-kind pieces for me, not for boutiques, or a client or the red carpet. In the summer of last year, a friend encouraged me to create a small collection based on some of these one-of-a-kind pieces I had created.

I could create enough for a small trunk show and test Shannon holly bikini waters again. Well, I ended Shannon holly bikini creating 3 collections and that felt fantastic.

I can make jewelry or paint or sculpt. They inform each other in many ways. Are there any charities or causes that you help to support through your jewelry design? Shannon holly bikini had created some Peace signs, not with any vision in particular, but because I liked the rock-n-roll appeal of it. They felt iconic and fun and the same time.

I knew instinctively what I needed to do with them. They were excited to collaborate and are now selling the Peace signs.

They are in large and small sizes in silver pewter and plated in yellow or pink gold. So it was close to me in many ways. Where do you draw inspiration in helping to create your jewelry?

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My collections are eclectic. My fine jewelry is delicate and refined. And within that definition, some of the fine jewelry pieces are classic and others are abstract. But I always work with stones that are dense in color and sparkle.

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This inspired by nature. Then there is the Cleopatra collection whose inspiration is sexy, with an Egyptian feel and rich in color.

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What fall trends do you think women will be wearing in regards to jewelry? I also see a nod to vintage and art deco with the reaction to the summer of Gatsby. Feel free to ignore the trends and wear what makes you feel beautiful, sexy or has history that speaks to you. But if you Shannon holly bikini to follow a trend then layering necklaces like from my Cleopatra Collection or wrapping them on your wrist to make a statement bracelet is fun, versatile and very sexy.

What do you recommend for a woman who has a small budget but wants to find beautiful pieces that will compliment her?

I say build your jewelry wardrobe based on what truly speaks to you, what you feel you will still enjoy in 5 or 10 years.

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Create your own look. It can be high quality fashion jewelry. Explore handmade pieces on sites like Etsy. Perhaps you can find something that is one-of-a-kind and made with love and care. Investigate the different designers until you find an artist with your design aesthetic. The story will be more fun to tell when people ask you about that cool necklace Shannon holly bikini are rocking! Tell us a little about your philosophy on what makes a piece of jewelry personal to a woman?