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Ethnobotany in Intermedical Spaces: Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Then we focused on the medicinal plants known to the ethnic group, describing the most important species, their therapeutic uses and the body systems attributed to them.

Office of Medicinal Plant Care. This traditional botanical knowledge was used to corroborate the hybrid nature of local practices for access to health. Charcoal workers in Indios kaingang yahoo dating Brazil: Occupational risks and effects of exposure to wood smokeABSTRACTBrazil has the largest production of charcoal in the world, Indios kaingang yahoo dating is used mostly in the iron and steel industries.

In most of the production sites, the process is ba Tropical spastic paraparesis in Northeastern Brazil. They show the typical symptoms and signs of TSP consisting of Indios kaingang yahoo dating of the lower limbs, spastic gait, hiperreflexia, bladder dysfunction and variable signs of posterior columns impairment. The laboratory examinations excluded other compressive, infective, degenerative or demyelinating lesions of their spinal cord.

Our patients age ranged from 21 to 59 years, all were of black origin and all were of lower social class. There was a slight preponderance of females. An etiological implication of a retrovirus HTLV-I has been shown for TSP, but for lack of technical conditions we could not determine it in our patients, and that stands as our subsequent step in those and further cases.

Hyperiid amphipods around the seamounts and islands off northeastern Brazil. Full Text Available Abstract Data collected on large-scale surveys around the seamounts and islands off northeastern Brazil provide information on the hyperiid amphipod populations.

Thirty-six species were identified. Most of the species belong to the Infraorder Physocephalata, representing 21 genera and 13 families. Thirteen species Vibilia australis, L. The spatial distribution of the hyperiid amphipods was very patchy.

Each area of these amounts and islands off northeastern Brazil has different oceanographic features and can be characterised by a clearly defined group of most abundant species. The arboreal component of a dry forest in Northeastern Brazil.

The dry forests of northeastern Brazil are found near the coastal zone and on low, isolated mountains inland amid semi-arid vegetation. The floristic composition of these dry montane forests, as well as their relationship to humid forests Indios kaingang yahoo dating forest sensu stricto and Indios kaingang yahoo dating the deciduous thorn woodlands Caatinga sensu stricto of the Brazilian northeast are not yet well known.

This paper sought to determine if the arboreal plants in a dry forest growing on a low mountain in the semi-arid Seismic activity in northeastern Brazill -new perspectives.

Northeastern Brazil is the most seismic active region in the country. Some earthquakes with magnitude above "Indios kaingang yahoo dating." Since the 's macroseismic and instrumental surveys have been carried out in this region and they are an important data archive which allows the composition of a reliable catalogue of seismic activity for this region. Among the many scientific results it was possible to identify the main seismogenic areas, obtain reliable hypocentres and focal mechanisms.

As a consequence, it was possible also to analyse the relationship between seismicity and geological features. It was also possible to determined maximum horizontal stress direction for the region. An important induced seismic activity case has "Indios kaingang yahoo dating" been reported in the area as Indios kaingang yahoo dating a classical example of pore pressure diffusion triggering mechanism. The majority of the results were obtained using analogic data. Recently, a new research project is being conducted Indios kaingang yahoo dating will allow us to provide a regional scale monitoring with 6 broad-band stations and a new portable six station digital seismic network equipped with short- period sensors.

Thus, with the continuous seismic activity in the area we trust that the Indios kaingang yahoo dating of this project will increase the present knowledge of seismic activity in northeastern Brazil. Cruzi infection in patients of from Mulungu do Morro, a Indios kaingang yahoo dating tropical region of Northeastern Brazil.

After randomly selecting samples of the population, and obtaining their consentspatients completed pretested epidemiological and clinical questionnaires. Serum samples from all patients were collected and screened for the presence of T. Illiteracy was the only variable related to T. Polyphasic analysis of Acidovorax citrulli strains from northeastern Brazil.

Based on the analysis of BFB severity on melon fruits, the A. Overall, based on substrate Indios kaingang yahoo dating, low variability was observed with no relationship to host of origin. The formation of one group of A.

Bayesian inference Indios kaingang yahoo dating on the analysis of 23S rDNA partial sequence data resulted in one well-supported clade and clustered the strains with the A. Based on the markers used, the Brazilian A. Full Text Available Aim: Additionally, we provide comments on their distribution along the river, and between dry and wet seasons.

Sampling was restricted to the marginal areas at depths between 80 and cm. ResultsA total of species was recorded among the three zooplankton groups studied. During the dry season a total of 82 species was registered and species was registered for the wet season. Rotifera contributed with ConclusionsThe richness of species observed was high compared to other large rivers in Brazil.

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In the context of current policies for water management and river diversions in northeastern Brazilthe present study highlights the importance of this river system for biodiversity conservation. Occurrence and distribution of the Ceratiomyxales Myxomycetes in Indios kaingang yahoo dating Brazil. Full Text Available Order Ceratiomyxales, which belongs to subclass Ceratiomyxomycetidae, includes the exospore Indios kaingang yahoo dating Myxomycetes, solely comprising family Ceratiomyxaceae and genus Ceratiomyxa, with four species.

Based on the literature, on herbarium collections, and on recent surveys carried out by the authors in different states and ecosystems, it was possible to determine the occurrence and distribution of C. Species descriptions and illustrations are presented, as well as a map of their geographical distribution in eight of the nine states of Northeast Brazil. This order is being recorded for the first Indios kaingang yahoo dating for the state of Sergipe. Ceratiomyxa morchella and C.

Full Text Available We report for the first time the occurrence of organic-walled microfossils in Ediacaran limestones and marls of the Frecheirinha Formation, Ubajara Group, and the first Precambrian acritarchs so far reported for northeastern Brazil. Indios kaingang yahoo dating temperatures are probably related to intruding granitic plutons Meruoca, Mucambo. Macrofossils belonging to the Ediacara fauna were reported from the overlying Jaibaras Group, which would constrain even further the depositional age of the Frecheirinha Formation to within ca.

A more comprehensive palynological study of the Frecheirinha Formation is necessary to confirm this age assignment.

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Intoxication of goats by Plumbago scandens in Northeastern Brazil. In the State of Paraiba, Northeastern Brazilgoat mortality occurred with the ingestion of Plumbago scandens. The fresh plant was then given Indios kaingang yahoo dating to 4 goats at 5, 10, Depression, anorexia, salivation with foamy saliva, bellowing, bruxism, humpbacked posture, bloat, ruminal atony, continuous lateral head movements, tachycardia, dyspnea and dark brown to black urine were observed in the goats given All others recovered in d.

At necropsy of the high dose goat, the main lesions were dark violet to black discoloration of the mucosa of the tongue, esophagus, reticulum and ventral sac of the rumen, "Indios kaingang yahoo dating" gelatinous edema in the visceral ruminal peritoneum.

Histologically the reticulum and ventral rumen sac had diffuse epithelial necrosis and severe edema and neutrophilic infiltration of the submucosa. Separation of the ruminal epithelium from the submucosa was observed. Epithelial degeneration and necrosis was also seen in the omasum, esophagus and tongue.

Reproduction of the disease with clinical signs similar to those observed by the farmer in the spontaneously affected goats suggests that the clinical mortality was caused by ingestion of Plumbago scandens. Full Text Available The dry forests of northeastern Brazil are found near the coastal zone and on low, isolated mountains inland amid semi-arid vegetation. Floristic similarities between the forest studied and other regional forests were assessed using multivariate analysis.

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The results demonstrate that the dry forest studied can be classified into two groups that represent two major vegetational transitions: Population structure of Nellore cattle in northeastern Brazil. Full Text Available The objective of this study was to evaluate the "Indios kaingang yahoo dating" genetic structure of Nellore cattle in northeastern Brazil. Pedigree information was collected fromanimals born from to Probability of gene origin, inbreeding, Indios kaingang yahoo dating relatedness coefficient AR, completeness pedigree, effective population size and generation interval were calculated.

Generation interval was high due to the long period of time animals were used as reproducers. The bottleneck effect was evidenced as a result of intensive use of limited breeders over the last years. Generally, the variability explained by the founders and ancestors is considered low. The average coefficient of inbreeding 0. Uranium and Thorium in zircon sands processed in Northeastern Brazil.

Zircon the main mineral of zirconium is a silicate mineral product ZrSiO 4 obtained from beach sand deposits, along with other minerals such as kyanite, Indios kaingang yahoo dating, and rutile. All zircons contain some radioactive impurities due to the presence of uranium, thorium and their respective decay products in the crystalline structure of zircon, as well as potassium For this study, samples were collected both from a mineral sand processing plant located in the coastal region of Northeastern brazil and from the beach sands Indios kaingang yahoo dating in Indios kaingang yahoo dating process.

The aim of this study was to assess the U, Th and 40 K contents in the beach sands and in the mineral products Indios kaingang yahoo dating from the sands in that facility, with special emphasis on zircon. Measurements were performed through gamma spectrometry, by using a high-purity germanium detector HPGe coupled to a multichannel analyzer.

The results of the measurements carried out for raw sand samples showed activity concentrations between 2. Activity concentrations of U and Th in kyanite, ilmenite and rutile samples were also determined. First serologic evidence of human hantavirus infection in Alagoas State in Northeastern Brazil. Prospective surveillance was conducted over a two-year period in Alagoas State, Northeastern Brazil. The prevalence of anti-hantavirus N-antigen IgM and IgG in human serum samples was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay testing.

High avidity IgG was found in nine of serum samples tested from patients with clinical manifestations compatible with HCPS, patients with leptospirosis, and healthy rural workers.

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Serologic evidence of past hantavirus infection in residents of Alagoas State indicates that hantaviruses are present in northeastern Brazileven in areas silent for HCPS.

Diversity of gall-inducing insects in the high altitude wetland forests in Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil. Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).

[email protected] History Kaingang and Guarani Indigenous Lands and schools in Rio Grande do Sul. the Location "Indios kaingang yahoo dating" National Workers (Serviço de Proteção ao Índio e Localização . Francisco referred to historic dates and facts from western history and to the.

Schinus molle thorn, grass *Email: [email protected] Page 1 Indios kaingang yahoo dating 22 Encyclopaedia. ) to date it to the second millennium BC and to connect it with . The Aweikoma (Kaingang from Santa Catarina) “had three main types of baskets: .

A civilização da palha: a arte do trançado dos ´ındios do Brasil ( Vol. Dating by Infrared Stimulated Luminescence of a prehistoric campfire from Serido E-mail: [email protected] The prevalence of brucellosis in de sangue de índios Kaingang e 65 índios Guarani de três populações das.

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