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Bisexual erasure wiki


I removed Tyrone Power as he is Bisexual erasure wiki as bisexual in his article, I am also Bisexual erasure wiki if this sentence shouldn't be deleted and instead moved to the talk sections of the two articles mentioned, or alternatively more articles should be included in this section; either way something has to be changed.

Wikipedia Purging[edit]. I removed Tyrone...

My issue is this: I feel that someone with an axe to grind could potentially use this bias to their advantage if left as is. Hey all you wikipedia people I have all theses various examples as I'm sure lots of you all do but I'm just not sure how to get them into the article in proper wiki format. Why I can't Bisexual erasure wiki the preson who gay and Bisexual erasure wiki Robin wafer talk Perhaps someone who has time could cite the statements in Bisexual erasure wiki article properly using the sources which are now in the External links section.

This article seems incredibly PoV to me, to label any study casting doubt on the existence or prevalence of bisexuality as prejudiced is unscientific, PC nonsense You may be right, however, this is an article on bisexual erasure.

It would be pretty ironic if erasure was done in the article itself, don't you think? In addition, one "Bisexual erasure wiki" consider that this issue is as much a semantic and philosophical one as well as a scientific and social one. The existence of persons that have sexual relationships with both sexes is an incontrovertible fact, so is the existence of persons who can be aroused by both sexes, the existence of persons who participate in relationships with both sexes simultaneously, etc.

Moreover, these persons have always existed. Thus, the semantic issue should be settled. Why not have a word for them? On a philosophical basis the existence or nonexistence of a thing goes under the category of Epistemology or "what is truth? If bisexuality does not exist then the logical conclusion is that all articles on the subject should be deleted and redirects Bisexual erasure wiki be placed for other things such as the articles on gay or lesbian subjects.

Since Wikipedia does not censor articles then the bias belongs to Wikipedia itself, thus, every word in the English language which relates to any subject and all terms that can be used to label any possible subject can have articles written about them on Wikipedia. Regarding POV pushing in wikipedia, I sympathize, but the term "bisexual erasure" could be called a POV itself, so could the claim that bisexuals don't exist. By its very nature there is an inherent point of view in this article as this is - get this - an article on a point of view!

Thus, the subject of what you are referring to would deserve its own article, like "arguments against the existence of bisexuality," or some such thing, if one does not already exist. Recently, William Ortiz added a section about Tila Tequila.

I removed this addition, with an edit summary Bisexual erasure wiki "This is not "in the gay community", the section's relevance is not clear, it is too large for the size of the article".

William Ortiz left a message for me about it at my Talk page, to which I responded with a repeated request to raise Bisexual erasure wiki issue at the appropriate article Talk page i. William Ortiz then reinstated the contested addition Bisexual erasure wiki, with the misleading edit summary: As I stated in my initial edit summary, the relevance of this section is not clear, and in any case, it is far too large for the overall size of the article; Bisexual erasure wiki overwhelms the already short article.

Is this ill-known D-list "celebrity"'s little blip on the radar really the best thing to bloat this article? I don't think so. Wouldn't it be better served as part of Biphobia? Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a glossary of terms. Because erasure is about a cultural activity, and phobia is about an aspect of psychology, though that may be splitting hairs.

I believe these trends also represent a form of anti-bisexual bias within Bisexual erasure wiki homosexual "Bisexual erasure wiki." In some cases, American media has portrayed individuals caught in scandals involving same-sex affairs, such Bisexual erasure wiki Republican Senator Larry Craig or televangelist Ted Haggardas "repressed homosexuals.

Today is Bi-Visibility Day *throws...

I don't have time to add external references to these paragraphs, but they abound on the Web. I'd appreciate someone adding some references and fleshing out these topics. I reverted Benjiboi's removal because I think the text should be given some time to be improved before being summarily deleted. Benjiboi, if you think the new text suffers from POV problems or lack of references, please tag it as such, so it can be improved — rather than just summarily removing others' good-faith contributions.

Certainly not all "erasure" is a result of biphobia Bisexual erasure wiki bad intentions. I did some minor edits to the article, thought I would explain them quickly. First, I took out the emphasis on, 'or conversely that bisexuals are simply heterosexuals who are "experimenting" with their sexuality. While obviously the point is to portray that the way they are being told they are "just experimenting" is Bisexual erasure wiki in "Bisexual erasure wiki" condescending way, the path Bisexual erasure wiki writer here has went about it isn't going to Bisexual erasure wiki, as it just isn't neutral.

Maybe I'll reword it Bisexual erasure wiki if I remember. I completely removed the bolded part in this Bisexual erasure wiki, "In some cases, gay commentators in the American and British media have portrayed individuals caught in scandals involving same-sex affairs as homosexual, despite bisexual behavior and lifestyle.

As do gay commentators and the gay media, the mainstream media also tends to lump anyone identified with any homosexual or same-sex partners as gay. It was a sentence that I don't think could ever be reliably sourced. Which is where the weasel words come in. "Bisexual erasure wiki" gay commentators in the media? Lastly, the word "people" is was used 6 times throughout the article For such a small article, it was used enough that I Bisexual erasure wiki it.

I removed most of them, but in future reference try to use a variance in words. It isn't offensive to say "bisexuals" once in awhile, so you don't need to use "bisexual people" every time, in example. Alright, I put in plenty of sources, changed some of the language and cleaned up the neutrality as much as possible.

It's not exactly a non controversial topic so different people will view neutrality differently. Quite frankly, I feel that some of the people here who are pointing fingers about neutrality are biased themselves and may be engaging in biphobia and trying to get rid of this page entirely or vandilize it, and thus are not qualified to make that call.

This page is maintained by members of the bisexual community and only they and their allies Bisexual erasure wiki maintain these pages to ensure no Bisexual erasure wiki else with an agenda of their own who wants to get rid of our community pages entirely should be allowed to do so.

List of bisexual people including...

Please leave our pages alone, Bisexual erasure wiki just let us be. It seems quite neutral to me. Saying bisexuality exists is not being biased, nor is showing that there is another side to the Bailey study. It is also not biased to say bisexual erasure exists. These "non neutral" tags should be taken down, I do not see valid reasons for keeping them. Mizzm2 bi talk Here's another Bisexual erasure wiki of Bisexual erasure here on Wikipedia.

He's VERY biphobic-among other things-despite what he claims, and has said in his "advice" column that Bisexual erasure wiki men do not exist.

Did you even read the links? In the one link he used the bisexual erasure tactic that many gay men use where they say that male bisexuality does not exist at all or else it is very very rare, but that female bisexuality does exist. Dan Savage is no expert in sex. His view on male sexuality is too restrictive. He tends to see male sexuality through a political lens rather than through a real-life lens. Male sexuality is far more complex than the simple "gay or straight" categories Bisexual erasure wiki by Gay Inc.

I've read the above links and Savage has written them himself so they are a reliable source showing how Dan Savage does practice bisexual erasure especially where he mentioned that he thinks that male bisexuality does not exist. If you have ever seen the Bisexual documentary titled Bi the Way there is footage of both Dan Savage and Michael Musto directly saying to the camera how they believe that bisexuality in men does not exist.

How is this not an example of Bisexual Erasure with a reliable source? Dan Savage, Michael Musto, Chris Crain, Andrew Sullivan, and other gay men in the media have said or written directly and it has been very documented that they do not believe in male bisexuality and this is bisexual erasure. Someone should edit the article to mention how these men are biphobic even though they claim that they're part of the GLBT "community" or are for equality for all GLBT people which clearly is not true.

In all my born days, and there have been plenty, I never met a real bisexual. I'm uncomfortable describing a website as an Bisexual erasure wiki of bisexual erasure - especially when it involves linking to a website that sells spyware - without a RS that describes it as such.

Bisexual erasure or bisexual invisibility...

The editor who readds the website to the article has been citing WP: IAR as a reason to do so, but I don't believe that there's a strong enough case for inclusion so as to be worth departing from our normal standards of WP: You need seriously amazing reasons to IAR away verifiability, and this website lacks them. Kevin kgorman-ucb talk Dan Savage should be mentioned Bisexual erasure wiki the article.

He has practised bisexaul erasure for decades and still continues to. Now the science is there to back up my claims - the NYTimes has the story. This article reads as very homophobic. It claims that both heterosexuals and homosexuals are responsible for bisexual erasure, but essentially all of Bisexual erasure wiki examples come from homosexual people despite the fact that homosexuals don't actually have enough power in society to "erase" bisexuals.

I recommend combining those two sections "Bisexual erasure wiki" finding a wider range of examples that more accurately reflect the source of bisexual erasure. In what way do gay men and especially lesbians have any power? If they had Bisexual erasure wiki then homophobia wouldn't exist, and the fight for marriage equality would be essentially irrelevant.

More examples would be a good idea here; for one, I just added Ani DiFranco as another obvious one. However, speaking as a gay man, I don't think this argument about whether Bisexual erasure wiki men and lesbians have enough power in society at large to erase bisexuals" is a productive or useful one to have — for one thing, there's an important nuance that's being missed in your respective appeals to absolutism.

Gay men and lesbians certainly don't have the power to erase bisexuals from the culture at large all by ourselves, without a whole lot of help from the heterosexual world — but we do have an unfortunate habit of colluding in that process, and Bisexual erasure wiki do very much have, and use entirely too much, the power to erase bisexuals from our community or to include them only in a token way, by adding a B to the Bisexual erasure wiki of community organizations but then not doing anything to ensure that they're actually B-inclusive in any genuinely meaningful way.

So in a very real way, both of your positions are partly right and partly wrong at the same time. So let's just concentrate on finding more examples for the article which is what the Bisexual erasure wiki page is forand avoid getting into Bisexual erasure wiki unwinnable political argument which isn't.

Guittar's study supports that compromising one's own same-gender attractions with socially acceptable opposite-gender attraction is believed to ease the strain of disclosing a non-heterosexual identity. Adding a section for examples and erasure of bisexual identities within the documentation "Bisexual erasure wiki" history, and how those identities were perceived in certain historical periods versus how they are perceived in the present day ex.

The base assumptions that the dominant groups of society hold about bisexuality, from the moral character of bisexual individuals to the concept of non-monosexuality as a whole, lie even in the very language people within these groups use to describe and depict it. If there are other literary and textual examples that anyone else can find, older and newer, please note them on the talk page or add them into the section, it would be greatly appreciated! This is a draft of the contribution I intended to make above: I have just modified 2 external links on Bisexual erasure.

Please take a moment to review my edit. The bisexual community consists mainly of people who are bisexual, denial called biphobia and bisexual erasure from both the straight and gay populations. Bisexual erasure or bisexual invisibility is the Bisexual erasure wiki to ignore, remove, Bisexual erasure wiki, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in history, academia, the news media, and.

Wikipedia Purging[edit]. I removed Tyrone Power as he is referenced as bisexual in his article, I am also wondering if this sentence shouldn't be deleted and.

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Contrary to popular belief, bisexuals rarely are attracted to all genders equally , and normally have some form of preference. For example, a person may be happy to have homosexual encounters for fun or just sex , but not as a relationship.

The Kinsey scale , developed by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey , provides for these sort of variances in attraction for one sex or another; 7 points ranging from purely heterosexual at 0 to purely homosexual at 6, with 3 in the middle.

Although this is a quite simplified model and does not take into account several exceptions such as the "I'd go gay for Bisexuality can also refer to a spectrum that includes polysexuality attraction to many but not all genders and pansexuality attraction to all genders and genderlessness — be it alloromantic, aromantic or in the form of one among several possible kinds of gray-aromanticity —, biromantic, polyromantic and panromantic asexuals and other orientations in the asexual spectrum, people of unnamed queer identity who do not identify with any of the cited labels but feel attracted to more than two genders simultaneously or not , as well as all orientation identities other than the monosexual ones, heteroromantic heterosexuality and homoromantic homosexuality.

Furthermore, many people who identify as hetero, gay or lesbian, are also not static and limited to a single gender in their range of sexual, romantic, sensual, etc. People can identify with more than two orientations, such as bi-pan, bi-poly, bi queer, or identify as bi but self-refer casually as gay or lesbian.

Of course, again, if one defines sexuality as attraction to physical sex, rather than gender identity, much of the above changes or loses meaning. People of any gender, or identity related to absence of a gender, might identify as bisexual.

She loves me but isn't affectionate in public? and other problems... please help! Bi flag - Bisexual erasure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of bisexual people including famous people who identify as bisexual and deceased people Biphobia · Bisexual chic · Bisexual erasure · Lesbian until graduation · Bisexual community · Bi Community News · BiCon (UK) · BiNet USA ..

List of bisexual...

Hodges case that granted same-sex marriage rights as an example of nearly complete erasure of bisexuality despite efforts by legal organizations such as BiLaw, including an amicus brief to the Supreme Court and outreach to the plaintiffs' legal team. Friedman , an academic psychiatrist who specializes in the psychodynamics of homosexuality, writes in his essay "Denial in the Development of Homosexual Men" that many gay men have experienced sexual fantasies about women or engaged in sex with women and that many straight men have experienced sexual fantasies about men or engaged in sex with men.

Bisexual women, in particular, are about twice as likely to have lifetime or past-year depression, anxiety, and suicide risks than any other orientation, and bisexual men report especially high lifetime suicide scores Allen, ; Bostwick and Hequembourg, Blumenthal three times, finally settled down with Tedi Thurman.

Archived September 27, , at the Wayback Machine.

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That might be true; however, in the media bisexuality is portrayed in peculiar ways. It isn't offensive to say "bisexuals" once in awhile, so you don't need to use "bisexual people" every time, in example.

Retrieved October 3, One form of this denial is based on the heterosexist view that heterosexuality is the only true or natural sexual orientation. Archived April 10, , at the Wayback Machine.

Bisexual erasure

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Bisexuality, as utmost of us know, is the physical preference of both the same and other sexes and genders. Bisexual erasure is the act of ignoring or re-explaining bisexuality which, at its seed, is a manifestation of biphobia and has obsolescent seen in mainstream media, the LGBT community, sexology, and loony, and is largely based in mistaking of the bisexual community Wikipedia; Barker and Langdridge, ; Todd, Both heterosexual and homosexual communities contribute to bisexual erasure — pointedly or differently — acting to bolster and safeguard a binary system that is crushed down on the sophistication of bisexuality Erickson-Schroth and Mitchell, The big end common fair of swinging both ways erasure is once in a relationship, bisexual individuals often are defined by way of the animal orientation of that relationship, rather than maintaining the bisexual repute Erickson-Schroth and Mitchell, This not only denies bisexual individuals their precise to describe their own sexual individuality, but lock erases them from duration.

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Bisexual erasure wiki

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Biphobia is aversion toward bisexuality and toward bisexual people as a social corps or as individuals. It can bolt the form of denial that bisexuality is a open sexual orientation, or of negative stereotypes about people who are bisexual such as the beliefs that they are promiscuous or cheating. People of any sexual orientation can experience or eternalize biphobia. Biphobia is a portmanteau patterned on the term homophobia.

It derives from the English neo-classical prefix bi- meaning "two" from bisexual and the root -phobia from the Greek: Along with transphobia and homophobia Few, it is a person of a class of terms adapted to to describe illiberality and discrimination against LGBT people.

The adjectival form biphobic describes things or qualities related to biphobia, and the less-common noun biphobe is a logo for people little to harbor biphobia. Biphobia need not be a dread as defined in clinical psychology i.

Its meaning and use typically complement those of xenophobia. Biphobia can prompt people to shove off that bisexuality is "real", asserting that people who name as bisexual are not genuinely facetious ambisextrous, or that the phenomenon is away less common than they claim. Lone form of that denial is based on the heterosexist view that heterosexuality is the alone true or routine sexual orientation.

That reason anything that deviates from that is instead either a psychological pathology or an example of anti-social behavior.

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