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Cathedral dating from 1880


Although there is no architectural evidence to prove it, it is possible that in Maternus's lifetime, the cathedral the seat of the bishop in Cologne, which was a Roman city at the time, stood in the same area as the cathedral we see today.

The site of the Early Christian cathedral was in the north-eastern corner of the city, directly alongside the city wall "Cathedral dating from 1880" close to the northern gate. The area was predominantly residential. It is possible that the first church was situated inside a Roman house, which has been proven to have been Cathedral dating from 1880 case in other Roman cities. Sixth Cathedral dating from 1880 Merovingian church with baptistery There is architectural evidence that in the sixth century at the latest, a large church stood on the site of the current cathedral.

One of the oldest remnants of Early Christianity in the Rhineland, a baptismal font belonging to an Early Medieval baptistery, is situated to the east of the current cathedral's choir. The baptistery was part of a family of sacred structures, from which a number of things, including the graves of members of Merovingian royalty, an ambo, and the remains of a synthronus made of brick, have been unearthed beneath the cathedral choir.

Around Construction of the old cathedral After several "Cathedral dating from 1880" changes to the Cathedral dating from 1880, this early set of sacred buildings was replaced by an enormous Carolingian church now referred to as the 'old cathedral'sometime around the year Consecrated inthis church, which initially had three naves, was extended by a further two aisles in the tenth or eleventh century.

Unlike the current cathedral, the old cathedral had two choirs with apses. The western choir was dedicated to St Peter, the cathedral's patron saint; the eastern choir to Mary, the Mother of God. There was an extensive atrium at the western end of the cathedral. To the east, a second atrium connected the cathedral to the Church of Our Lady of the Steps St Maria ad Graduswhich was founded in the middle of the eleventh century and demolished in Emperor Frederick I also known as Frederick Barbarossa had gifted the archbishop these relics in appreciation of his services on the emperor's Italian campaign.

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Cathedral dating from 1880 Two year's previously, the emperor, with the support of the archbishop who was also one of the most powerful princes of the Holy Roman Empire in Germany and archchancellor of Italy had taken Milan, which had risen up against the emperor, and seized the relics. The archbishop was clever and quickly made the relics, which had been virtually unknown in Milan, famous throughout the Christian world.

Thanks to these relics, Cologne Cathedral become one of the most significant places of pilgrimage in Europe. The relics were of outstanding importance, not least for German royalty.

On their way home after their coronations in Aachen, German kings generally stopped in Cologne to venerate the Cathedral dating from 1880 of the biblical wise men who were viewed Cathedral dating from 1880 medieval times as the first Christian kings.

Between the s and the s, the Shrine of the Three Holy Kings, the largest surviving European work of goldsmithery dating from the High Middle Ages, was created largely by the goldsmith Nicholas of Verdun. It was made to house the precious relics of the Magi.

The architecture of the new cathedral was based heavily on contemporary French architecture, above all the cathedral in Amiens or the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Apart from his name, Master Gerhard, little is known about the cathedral's first master architect. The intention was that Cologne's new cathedral would outdo the earlier French cathedrals in terms of size.

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In doing so, it pushed the boundaries of what was technically possible at the time. Work began with the construction of the cathedral choir. The decision was taken to destroy the eastern part of the old cathedral by fire. However, the flames got out of control, burning down most of the western part of the building as well. At the very last minute, the Shrine of the Three Holy Kings and the Gero Crucifix were rescued from the smoke-filled cathedral. While the foundations for the new choir were laid in the east, the western section of the old cathedral was provisionally renovated so that mass and divine office could be said there Cathedral dating from 1880 day until the new Cathedral dating from 1880 was ready for use.

Sometime aroundthe ambulatory and radiating chapels were the first parts of the Gothic cathedral to be completed. While construction work continued apace on the inner choir, the radiating chapels were furnished and masses celebrated at their altars.

In the course of the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, the relics of the Blessed Irmgard and several important archbishops of Cologne were transferred from the old cathedral to the radiating chapels in the new cathedral, where they were interred in new tombs.

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Inthe Dominican scholar and bishop Saint Albert the Great Albertus Magnuswho lived in Cologne, consecrated the altar of the new sacristy. Two years later, it was consecrated, and the Shrine Cathedral dating from 1880 the Three Holy Kings was transferred in a solemn procession to the axial chapel, which was dedicated to Mary the Mother of God.

With the exception of a few short periods, it remained there until Despite the painful loss of a number of items, the furnishings of the Cathedral dating from 1880 choir, which are for the most part still in place, are unique in terms of their state of conservation and artistic excellence.

In the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, artisans who had been trained in the workshops of Lorraine, Paris, and elsewhere, created the precious choir pier statues of Christ, the Virgin, and the twelve apostles, all of which are characterised by a courtly elegance and seem to be in motion.

Also dating from this period are the black limestone high altar with its Carrara marble statuettes, the choir stalls with their rich, fantastical carvings, and the paintings on the back wall of the choir stalls facing the ambulatory.

Most of the original medieval windows in the choir clerestory and the radiating chapels Cathedral dating from 1880 been preserved. For several centuries, a wall separated the west end of the choir from the transept and nave, which remained incomplete in the Middle Ages. After Cessation of "Cathedral dating from 1880" work Once the choir of the Gothic cathedral was completed, the rest of the old cathedral was demolished and construction of the transept, nave, and towers got underway.

Work in these areas began directly on the south side and continued, from the Cathedral dating from 1880 century onwards, on the north side. When construction work was interrupted inthese parts of the cathedral were left unfinished. For over years, the cathedral resembled a massive ruin. The nave and the transept were closed off by provisional roof trusses, which in most areas began above the pier capitals 15 metres above the ground. There were no ceilings in these areas, which meant that visitors could see the roof truss structure from inside the cathedral.

Only the western parts of the northern aisles had finished vaults. While some of the outer walls of the northern tower rose to a height of only five metres, the south tower Cathedral dating from 1880 56 metres tall, a good third of its height today.

On the stump of the tower stood a huge wooden crane, which was the symbol of the city for several hundred years and served as an exhortation to one day finish the cathedral. Inthe cathedral was closed for masses and was used instead for a variety of purposes, including as a stable, a magazine, and a place of detention for prisoners of war.

By that time, parts of the lead roofing of the inner choir and bronze works of art had been removed and melted down for raw material, and wooden coats of arms had been publically burned in anti-clerical celebrations. Inthe cathedral was returned to liturgical use again when it became a parish church.

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However, after years of neglect, the structure was in a lamentable state. When the Archdiocese of Cologne was re-established inthe cathedral once again became the seat of a bishop.

As the largest Gothic cathedral in Germany, the incomplete cathedral in Cologne attracted much attention. It spent the first 20 years of its renewed existence restoring the Cathedral dating from 1880 structure.

InKing Frederick William IV of Prussia laid the foundation stone for the start of work on the completion of the cathedral. For him, the structure was first and foremost a national German monument, the completion of which he felt was surely of importance for all Germans, regardless of their religious denomination and the German state to which Cathedral dating from 1880 belonged.

While cathedral architects Ernst Friedrich Zwirner and Richard Voigtel were in charge, construction work focused on the completion of the nave and the transept. Inthe wall that had separated the completed choir from the remaining incomplete cathedral was torn down. For the first time ever, the interior of the entire cathedral could be viewed and visited as a whole.

But it was not only the king who funded the completion of the cathedral.

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In the year the foundation stone was laid,citizens of Cologne founded the Zentral-Dombau-Verein, an association whose goal was to raise money for the cathedral. Ultimately, the association raised 60 per cent of the money needed to complete the building.

The Zentral-Dombau-Verein still exists today and continues to finance to a considerable degree the work carried out by the cathedral workshop to preserve this Cologne landmark. The cathedral workshop, which employed over people at the time, used state of the art construction technology such as a carriage-on-track system for winching loads across the construction site or the use of steam engines.

When the cathedral was finally completed inits two towers were over metres high, making it the tallest building in the world. After Reconstruction of the cathedral after the Second World War In the Second World War, Cologne Cathedral was seriously damaged by 14 major high-explosive bombs and over 70 firebombs. It was also hit by artillery and various projectiles. Most of the vaults in the main vessels of the nave and transept had collapsed, the organ and most of the nineteenth-century windows were destroyed, and there were countless instances Cathedral dating from 1880 major and minor damage to the entire structure.

The pier of the north tower had received a direct bomb hit, which posed a particular threat to the cathedral. The damage was repaired during the war using bricks. Thankfully, the Cathedral dating from 1880 windows and many of Cathedral dating from 1880 important items in the cathedral had been removed in time while others were protected by sandbags and cladding.

As a result, none of the cathedral's major medieval works of art were lost. It was a mammoth task, but the cathedral workshop succeeded in restoring the choir and the transept Cathedral dating from 1880 time for the th anniversary of the laying of the first foundation stone in and the badly damaged nave in time for the German Catholic Convention Katholikentag in Countless instances of minor war damage are still visible to this day.

Today, the main task of Cologne's cathedral workshop is to restore the stonemasonry, which is badly affected by weathering and the ravages of environmental influences as well as the conservation and protection of the valuable historical windows.

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Hundreds of thousands of young Christians from all four corners of the globe made their way to Cologne, and from 16 to 21 August transformed the city and the cathedral into a 'bubbling cauldron of euphoria' of faith and pure joie de vivre. It was the greatest celebration that ever took place in the history of Cologne. Don't fill this field! Services Cathedral partially closed Only accessible to those attending Mass Inside temperature: Main History A brief history of Cologne Cathedral.

A brief history of Cologne Cathedral. Main · Videos; Cathedral dating from house. “i'm starkly untimely we underneath Cathedral dating from 1880 growl hard through fall,” zwemer observes.

Cathedral dating from 1880 carefully. Cologne Cathedral is a Cathedral dating from 1880 cathedral in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. A free-standing baptistery dating back to the 7th century was located at the east end The completion of Germany's largest cathedral was celebrated as a national event on 14 Augustyears after construction had begun.

The earliest traces of a Christian church can be dated to the 4th century, and the On 15 October the last stone was laid at the top of the m high.

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Cathedral dating from 1880

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Cathedral dating from 1880 Although there is no architectural evidence to prove it, it is...
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Cathedral dating from 1880 It was built between and to a Gothic Revival design by John Loughborough Pearson on the...
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  • This article lists some but by no means all of the oldest known church buildings in the world. .....
  • This article lists some but by no means all of the oldest known church buildings in the world.
  • The first foundation stone for the Gothic cathedral we see today was laid in August
  • From to , the Cathedral was the tallest building in the world, until it was beaten by...


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The Cologne Cathedral has a long and interesting history that spans through many centuries. Work at the cathedral was started in , but the site of the cathedral was used before that time too.

The earliest traces of a Christian church can be dated to the 4th century, and the piscina of a baptistery probably dating from the 6th century is also well preserved. In the mid-6th century the small church, orientated towards the west, was extended and provided with an east choir. Around , after further alterations, the building was almost m long, with an east choir and schola cantorum, and a raised west choir surrounded by a circular atrium, as shown in the St Gall Abbey plan.

In the 9th century the church was completely rebuilt at a level 2 m higher and consecrated on 27 September The Carolingian cathedral was The east and west ends had a transept with a crossing tower and a choir with absidioles orientated towards the east. At the west end were two round bell-towers. Before two outer aisles were added, and c.

On 15 August Archbishop Konrad von Hochstaden laid the foundation stone for a new building, the work being directed by the master mason Ferhard.

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8 fascinating things you probably didn't know about Cologne Cathedral

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A brief history of...

List of musicians at English cathedrals. On 15 August Archbishop Konrad von Hochstaden laid the foundation stone for a new building, the work being directed by the master mason Ferhard. Two die as fire rips through central Cologne town house. Calls from Strange Numbers - Telephone Scams. Retrieved 11 February Retrieved 1 May Erosion of the stonework has left much of the exposed stonework in such a damaged condition that it resembles honeycomb.

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