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But first, know that you can tap on the right to skip forward. Or use the keyboard.

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We noticed something special about 50 minutes into the show. Each marks noticeable audience laughter.

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The circle size denotes how long the audience laughed. In fact, this moment had the most laughter in the entire show. Why was this moment so funny? Form made the joke funnier.

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We discovered this when we set out to understand the laughter climax. First, we looked for the beginning of the story that triggered it.

With its starting point, we could see how the story developed into the biggest laugh. The laughter climax is about conception.

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We worked our way backward to see how she arrived at that topic. We kept working backward, and we ended up slicing the entire routine into self-contained topics, yielding a map of all subject matter in the comedy special. But the reason she got to the topic of HPV was because of her difficulty falling asleep.

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And the reason she is talking about falling asleep: Unlike some stand-up, it adds up into something bigger. We can think of comedy as a spectrum, from one-line jokes to Latina woman comedian spank feature film. As we move from left to right, we have more topic continuity and use of structure.

The humor requires and builds off of context. It helps makes her routine great, and the jokes hit for different reasons than we sometimes expect in stand-up. The laughter climax is one example of this.

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We can tie this punchline to a larger three-minute story about making babies. The laughter climax is meta funny. The laughter climax connects the major themes of her routine, from how she met her husband to her philosophy on working.

When the punchline hits, the seemingly disparate stories snap together. You get the same feeling when reaching the end of a great Seinfeld episode or any multi-plot story—the delight in seeing all the plotlines converge into one and realizing that the storyteller was crafting a deeper idea all along.

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Screenwriting educator Robert McKee devotes a large part of teaching to story structure. Screenwriting is not about the exact words said i. The structure of her routine leaves us with something more, much like a film short or a play would.

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Her hour-long show is different because we see her world-view. We understand her experience being pregnant.

The data for this story was hand-collected with additional effort from Amber Thomas and Caitlyn Ralph. We converted the captions to csv format, individually annotated the entire routine, then collectively reviewed and merged into a single data set.

Title art by Jason Wong. The Pudding explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays.

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The Structure of Standup Comedy. Laughter Climax And then, because we're hippies, I'd be like, "Hey, hey! Please look me in the eye and remember to come with intention, OK?

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