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Attractive and single

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Have you ever thought about why many intelligent and gorgeous women are often single?

So, if you wonder why a lot of intelligent and stunning women are single, make sure you read the following reasons. They have very high standards.

I feel very alone

Their guy must possess all the necessary characteristics this type of women are looking for in a man. Being strong, confident, independent, and driven matters a lot.

For people, particularly those over...

They put in a great deal of effort and energy in becoming accomplished in different spheres. Super smart and gorgeous Attractive and single like doing whatever they can to become more independent and improve themselves on a personal and professional level.

Anime sex in the bathroom with friend

On the other hand, it seems that men lack that ambition and commitment to shoot for high goals. They already feel complete.

The intellectual abilities and high...

They already have amazing friends and careers. They always look for new goals and passions to pursue.

If they decide to be with someone, then he must respect and know how to deal with this. Why would you think otherwise?

The Ugly Side Of Being...

These women would never allow someone to play little devious mind games with them. The childish dream of marrying the prince on a white horse does no longer exist.

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