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Bikini bottoms and a shirt

New xXx Pics Bikini bottoms and a shirt.

Don't throw that oversized and sloppy old T-shirt out just yet.

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You can make a bikini out of it! No one else will have one like you. You can go green, get unique, and make your own sexy bikini using basic sewing skills and a pair of scissors.

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Trasformare una Maglietta Vecchia in un Bikini Sexi. Find an old T-shirt you don't plan to wear anymore. Make sure it is in reasonable condition without holes or stains and fits you or is somewhat larger than necessary. Don't worry if it is stretched, faded or old - it is about to be transformed! Avoid using a white T-shirt. Even if you do not get the suit wet, it may be too see-through to wear. Lay the T-shirt out flat. Put it onto a broad, stable surface on which you can cut fabric. If you don't have a table big enough, lay an old towel out on the floor and put your T-shirt on top of that.

The towel will protect wood flooring or carpet from damage from the scissors. Using dressmaker's chalk or a piece of Bikini bottoms and a shirt soapmake marks to show where you will cut the T-shirt. Mark the shape for the bottom of the bikini. To mark where the bikini bottom will be cut out, draw an hourglass-type shape in the middle of the shirt. Bikini bottoms and a shirt

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Make sure that you leave enough space between the two curves to adequately cover your crotch, as well as making the two semi-triangles wide and tall enough to fit you. If you don't feel comfortable eyeballing it, take your measurements. Remember, you can always cut off more fabric, but you can't Bikini bottoms and a shirt it back on without a lot of trouble.

Cut a square around the hourglass shape. Note that this square cut will not go all the way across the T-shirt - leave a few inches on one side of the shirt including the seam intact. Pin the bottom pieces together. Add pins to keep the two cut pieces aligned. Put them inside the hourglass shape you've marked. Cut the sleeves off the T-shirt.

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Bikini bottoms and a shirt the seams in your cuts - you'll trim them off later. Remove the remaining long side piece of the T-shirt from the top piece. Your cut should run from the shoulder seam to the bottom hem. Fold over and pin the edges of the bikini bottom. Go all the way around the bikini bottom and fold in by a half-inch 1. Sew the folded edges together. Because the bikini bottom isn't a huge garment, you can sew it by hand in a reasonable amount of time, if you want to. However, for a straighter and swifter stitch, use a sewing machine.

Remove the pins as you go.

After we find it:

Fold the hourglass shape in half, hamburger-style, so that the outside of the bottom is facing inward. That is, you should be able to see the folds and seams you just did.