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Adult Videos Ddlg chat.

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Sorry, but DDlg Friends is for users 18 and over only. Don't be shy, come hang out with us!

HannahBoo liked Latinabarbie 's status. Stickitin [Stick-it-in] for littles who like to be more sexual and naughty.

What two adults choose to do is their business as long as its ethical and consentual. PrinzeCharming commented on their status. Aight', let's do this! Yeah you, daddy, over there lurking on that Little's pictures. Yeah, and Ddlg chat too Little, lurking the daddy profiles finding which Santa daddy can buy you the cutest pinkest fluffiest stuff before your birthday.

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Maybe even lie that today is your birthday. Little girls are fun, really cute, and sweet, but you gotta stop jerkin' your Ddlg chat little meat. This site is like an alley behind a city store, way too many victims are desperate, getting hurt even more. Their vulnerable little hearts hear you tell them one thing, and they melt from the start when you pretend to cling. Don't promise any stuffies, dresses, or cash, materialistic love is love that never last. This ain't the Sahara, don't come back tomorra.

Ddlg chat got the thirst of a dog on a hot summer day, these Littles deserve some respect, listen to what they say.


Ddlg chat Don't ever ask for pictures, not even a smile, we know you want that angle that will last for a while. What did I say about your head getting way too deep? Don't be a pervert, creepers gonna creep.

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Listen up ladies, I got a class for Princessdon't be showing provocative Ddlg chat unless you want some fun. You're selling yourself too short, you deserve better than that, school girl outfits are nice but don't entice Ddlg chat rat. Yeah you're a rat, click baitin' for some love, listen to this when push comes to shove.

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Littles don't care how big you are unless you bouta' save them from a burning car. Daddies shouldn't care how tight you feel, the only thing tight is the bond that's real.

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