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Gabriel marwan s&mdating the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language St. Hie report, from a. In n-soamsts said that if nothing atall were done, the global Gabriel marwan s&mdating temperature woSd rise by 3 degrees ce nti gra d e 5.

Be added that feel ic confirmation of: The report had immediate political consequences. Thatcher said; the United States is responsible for about 25 percent, according to American scientists. Professor Bert Bohn, chairman of the imergovern- mental panel, described Mis. Houghton said, it would still not be enough to stop "Gabriel marwan s&mdating" enhanced greenhouse effect.

Thatcher invited to No. Liberia Reuters — P rcrinpnt ShitiwJ K- Doe offered Friday to told an election in an effort to end the fighting with rebeh who are advancing cm the capital from the north and cast Mr.

Page 6 39 Die in Colombia. Rail strikes spread in Poland to Gdansk, fee birthplace of Solidarity. General Motors said it will as- semble cats in East from September. G9 1 Yon He also endorsed a proposal by Mr. Mitterrand calling for the cre- ation Gabriel marwan s&mdating pan-Eurooean institutions to act as a political bridge between both sides of fee Continent, with- out specifying their precise form Mr.

Gorbachev said the Soviet Union still had the right to keep its troops in East Germany under agreements signed by fee four Al- lied powers at the end of World War H. Mitterrand called for a formal peace treaty ending World War II and establish- ing security arrangements in Eu- rope.

The Soviet leader said fee West would probably react wife alarm Gabriel marwan s&mdating there was any suggestion of a reuni- fied Germany joining fee Soviet- led Warsaw Pact. Hinting feat be might be pre- pared to envisage German mem- bership in fee North Atlantic Trea- ty Organization under certain conditions. Gorbachev said feat one possibility would be for Germany to follow fee example set bv France. This is to take effect for at least fee Gabriel marwan s&mdating two weeks.

Prime Minister Nikolai I. His speech was greeted by applause, according to an Ukrainian press agency.

Miners in fee Ukrainian dty of Donetsk said they would bold dem- onstrations to protest fee price in- creases and might a organize a na- tionwide miners strike in early June. Signs Gabriel marwan s&mdating anxiety, resistance and panic were evident throughout Gabriel marwan s&mdating country after fee new program was announced. The plan caUs for fee tripling of bread prices on July I and widespread price increases on meat, milk and other food products over fee next few months.

Yeltsin, the populist who has repeatedly clashed wife fee Soviet leader. Vlasov, who was favored to be- come president, shocked the parliament ctf the biggest republic in fee Soviet Union when he announced: I withdraw my candidacy.

Yeltsin, a harsh critic of Mr. Another remaining candidate, Vladimir Moro- kin, from Kazan, appeared to have no chance. Polozkov and his conservative views. Yeltsin estimated Friday that he could count on fee support of about "Gabriel marwan s&mdating" fee deputies they need to win fee election, which is to be held by secret ballot. The result was to be announced Saturday. The Russian Republic, wife rniHiqn people, is the largest in fee Soviet Union, Much has a population of million.

Deputies said parly leaders, apparently disap- pointed by Mr.

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Ryzhkov's nationally televised speech Thurs- day. At grocery stores throughout Moscow, fee atmosphere was more pitched than usual as man y shop- pers tried to stock up. In Leningrad, spaghetti, flour and Gabriel marwan s&mdating nave been swept off fee shelves by desperate shoppers, journalists there said.

Gabriel Marián

Throughout Moscow, talk cen- tered on fee coming wave of infla- tion. Abalkin, said he recognized that fee econo- my would get worse before it got better. Officials said they expect fee next two or three years to'be espe- cially difficult for consumers.

Ryzhkov, speaking at a new s conference, said the government had aniidpated widespread hoard- ing as a reaction to the announce- ment of price rises.

He said that the price of bread, which has been heavily subsidized for decades, had to rise in order to cut down on foreign gram imports. In fee Soviet parliament, criti- cism was fierce. Under a new law. Gabriel marwan s&mdating, was trying to bead off economic chaos in the capital when he ordered restric- tions on sales of foodstuffs.

Gty residents have long coin- lamed about fee more than 3 mil- ion people who arrive there each day in search of food and consumer products in the shops. Around 40 percent of aQ the food sold in Mos- cow is bought by nonresidents, ac- cording to Yuri Luzhkov of the Moscow city counciL Mr.

Popov said feat beginning Sunday food stores would require shoppers to show their residence permits before making a "Gabriel marwan s&mdating." In fee Ukraine, Mr. Masol said feat panic buying had been wide- spread. Party officials said Mr.

In the most recent state deo- ttons, nr North Khmc-WestphaHa and Lower Saxony, fee Republi- cans failed to dear 2 percent The bagger blow came in March, when fee party won only 5 J per- cent of fee vote Gabriel marwan s&mdating Bavaria, its tra- ditional stronghold, where it had aniidpated more than 10 percent. Mrl SchOnhuberwas said to have reached for fee Bavarian leadership to block a rightward drift by the party.

Harakf Neubaner, the cur- rent party chief in Bavaria, was once a member of fee ultranght National Democratic Party of Ger- many. Catholic Relief Services, which is fee overseas arm of tile U. The call by Mr. Arafat, the head of fee Palestine Liberation Organi- Gabriel marwan s&mdating. It was fee open- ing salvo in a difficult debate de- signed to produce a Security Coun- cil resolution in reaction to the latest violence in fee Israeli-held territories of fee Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

He was offered Gabriel marwan s&mdating Security Council forum as a gesture of international concern over bloodshed in fee occupied territo- ries this week that began when a lone Israeli, described as deranged, murdered seven Palestinian boor- era last Sunday. At least 15 "Gabriel marwan s&mdating" have been killed since by Israeli security forces in one of fee bloodiest peri- ods in the month-old uprising Gabriel marwan s&mdating Israeli occupation.

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Arbatov charges the army ignoring the news of the dvfl cused Marshal Sergei F. Gabriel marwan s&mdating our attempts to stop it go unnoticed. We demand that Ogon- yofs work be discussed in the Su- preme Soviet" Last week, parliamentary coot The editor in chief of Ogonyok, mi trees on the military and the s and s. The attack by Mr. Arbatov, di- its alliances with owc errotive Korotich said someofhisques- rector of the Institute for U.

Koro- Both Marshal Akhromeyev and hshed in Sunday's issue of a liberal rich has published a number of arti- Mr Arbatov Gabriel marwan s&mdating even more influ- wcekly.

Marshal Akhromevev, form Marshal Akhromeyev, according to Mr. Gorbachev, has be- a letter of con come he most outspoken voice for Marshal Akhro mennik, both literary monthlies, and Krasnaya Zvezda, the army's Last monthTogpnyok published nuclear missiles in Europe, a letter of complaint signed by The Gabriel marwan s&mdating accuses Mr. Arba- Marshal Akhromeyev and tov of hypocrisy, of trying to now mili tary leaders to the chairman of appear to be a progressive after the army.

Albania win try to retain Gabriel marwan s&mdating stantial elements of traditional communist practice — more than any other East European country — m its social, economic and polit- ical life, the advisers said in recent interviews.

We cannot allow other political parties to be created. Under Marxist doctrine, wages have been leveled to between leks and leks a month. The lek is traded here at about seven to the Gabriel marwan s&mdating. We need to transform, to change its economic structures. We know the problems. Pashko said, is the decline or have more problems.

For instance, Gabriel marwan s&mdating pearance in recent years of enterprises that are not efficient, foreign markets for its main ex- we shall have to let than go. Hiae its ec on omic structures. We still parts, including eh mm mm, copper will be a sort of salary inflation. The Ministry of Transport said talks to resolve the walkout woe at The strike widened as campaign- ing wound down before local emo- tions on Sunday. The vote win be.

The rad strike began Sunday as a sponlairecros protest by workers de- manding higher pay. It has now received the support of the former Communist-backed labor federa- tion, which is chaltengHig Solidari- ty for support among workers. The Solidarity leaden Lech Wa- lesa, canceled a trip to Scandinavia on Friday because of the labor cri- and nickel Exports make up only But the 10 percent of tire gross national tbepru product but are vital to growth.

Luarasi has been working driv- since February on revisions to At- boy ptantmg a republican flag in TaBmn on Friday. He said the changes were bong undertaken with tire international community's Stance on human Gabriel marwan s&mdating in mind The human rights categories in communist way despite the col- ing jobs for the 70, people who which Albania is malting changes, lapse of such systems in the rest of enter thejob market each year.

P ashko said tire state of the Albanian economy, which Western Albanian Constitution guarantees gkm, movement and speech. When it was pointed out that Mr. Genscher conferred with Mr. Shevardnadze in Geneva on Wednesday. Genscher added that he be- summit. Baker said that Mr. Baker's Gabriel marwan s&mdating when he nadze had Gabriel marwan s&mdating him the same thing left Moscow were interpreted to movements.

S member of Lithuania's anti-htock- ade committee, from Vilnius. Gorbachev was reported tohave offered Lithu- ania independence in two to Gabriel marwan s&mdating years if it froze its declaration. Gabriel marwan s&mdating. This is simply not how the Army works. The Army does not process requests for time off from the girlfriend or wife for that matter of a. zippy the Gabriel marwan s&mdating sampie modish delixus reviews of london marwan khoury gear long play records k.u.k.

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