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D make a bet involving a nurses dress, J.

D and a very satisfied Perry. D looked at Carla with desperate eyes. The Latina woman glared back at him and pressed her lips together to avoid yelling at J. D whilst her husband was staring at her with the same desperate eyes. It's just one time!

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Carla looked around and then looked back down to her hands and Turk's lips, she jolted them away and wiped them on her blouse. I'm not letting J. D borrow my nurse outfit. Regardless of whatever bet you've made this time. I'm sorr- Bambi, do not give me those eyes. Gandhi, I'm not going to even ask what you're doing or why you're staring at Carla with big, puppy dog eyes that make a puppy look stupid.

He stood beside J.

D and then glanced up and down at his newbie. The Latina woman frowned at him but then sighed, "Bambi wants to use my nurse outfit. D who looked up at him with a small smile and pleading eyes. Perry shook his head and placed his hands on top of his curls.

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D stared at Perry and spun on his heel to face the older male. He then wrapped his arms slowly around the man's neck and leant up to whisper in Perry's ear, "But, Per-Per it was a present for you. Anime nurse scrubs long dick wanted to wear it for yo--" "Carla," Dr. Cox started, Carla looked at him with a blank expression as his eyes bored into hers with a small smirk on his lips.

D then spun to face Turk with a thumbs up in triumpth. Carla stared at Perry with wide eyes, her mouth hung open.

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I'm not sure if that's a good idea, we don't know what Bambi is planning. D and glaring at Turk. As long as it gets them out of my hair, and keeps Newbie quiet, well then by God I'm just glad to help.

Surely you want a peaceful Turk?

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Newbie should be home before me so you gal pal's can drop it off at our apartment. But Gandhi," Turk turned to face Perry, Perry pointed a finger at him, "Do not stay longer than 1 minute. D looked down at his chest then back up at Perry who smirked at him, "You're coming with me. D grinned and skipped off after Perry who walked absent mindedly down the corridor of the hospital and toward the cantine. The two of the medic's heard Carla mutter curses of Spanish under his breath and Dr.

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Cox smiled at the fact he'd taken that language. The Latina woman frowned at him. So why not stop the bet, give me back the dress and we'll be on our way home and letting J. D watch or do whatever he usually does.

D frowned and shook his head. You have no idea how big this idea of ours is! Chocolate Bear ," J. D whined looking at his best friend with Anime nurse scrubs long dick, wide eyes, practically fuming for the two to leave so he could prepare. D with a smile. Cox should be home in 20 minutes; so we'll leave you for now.

D nodded before shutting the door with his foot. Running to the light switch, he turned the small circle and dimmed the large lights that shone throughout the room.

He then switched off the T. V, sorted out the pillows of the sofa and grabbed the phone to order Chinese. Once he had finished the order he walked into the bathroom with the dress in his hand, eyeing it up with a small grin. D walked out of the bathroom with a pained expression.

His legs being shaved - which he was sure Perry would tease him about - Anime nurse scrubs long dick a short, slutty dress hanging on his hips and riding above his knees.

He had taken Carla's stockings and boots aswell, to mix the outfit up a bit. D had set the table, Anime nurse scrubs long dick the switches to a dimmer Anime nurse scrubs long dick and sat on the kitchen counter waiting patiently for his big tough doctor to come through the door.

D swung his legs around and rested back against the cupboard, opening his mouth ready to yell his reply to his doctor. When Perry walked in his eyebrow was raised and a small smirk played on his lips at the sight of his newbie in a nurses outfit. I'm impressed that you made an effort to seduce me and that you're wearing such a. D could've sworn the older male purred as he edged closer, "Delightful dress.

D's leg and pushed the dress up slightly, moving past a white garter and sliding the dress up J. D's legs, feeling the hairless skin oh-so softly against his nimble finger tips. He leant down and kissed J. D's pale skin, sliding his tongue delicately across the male's thigh as he tried to push the dress further, he growled.

D's hips were, "Don't worry, baby ," Perry teased, kissing J. D's neck as he unzipped the dress. I just like touching you. Well, I think we may have to keep it. D growled slightly and pulled Perry's face toward him, planting a soft kiss on pale lips and swiping his tongue across Perry's bottom lip, nibbling it furiously for attention as Perry's hands unclasped the garter from the stockings and slid them down J. D's legs, ridding the man of the boots too.

D moaned happily when Perry's tongue charged into his mouth to start a feverous kiss. D removed Perry's top and glanced down at the scrub trousers, smiling. D's head to the side, biting down on a Anime nurse scrubs long dick neck and sucking apologetically on the spot he'd injured; swirling his tongue and sucking.

D hadn't gone for women's panties, that would've made it even better.

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But Cox settled for what he had and decided he'd make J. D do it next time. D whispered against his cheek. Too hot, can't handle it.