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Hookup by numbers wingmen lift score

Naked Galleries Hookup by numbers wingmen lift score.
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Results 1 to 19 of What's the best next step after number closing a girl at the bar? We've been getting a ton of practice and are seeing a lot of success closing.

The problem is, these numbers flake a lot. Even if the girl is not drunk and we click well at the bar I had one chick practically eating out of my palm last weekit's never the same later because the atmosphere changed.

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So what's the best thing to do next? I've only had the coffee date work once with a girl I met at the bar.

Enter Wingman, the first-ever matchmaking...

I guess stop meeting girls at bars.? If you meet them at everyday places bookstore, coffee shop, drugstore, etc. Originally Posted by DanishJordan.

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Originally Posted by SpikeNeedle. Also easy way to know if she's DTF if she agrees to a night out at a bar with just you one on one she wants it bad.

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Group is not a bad 2nd option Originally Posted by Patrick-Bateman. Who says I'm trying to date them? I dated a chick in undergrad who I met through a friend at a college bar, and that night was her first night out in like 6 months.

I suggest that it is 'stop talking in douchebag PUA terms'.

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If you hinted at seeing each other again when you talked, you text or call her. If not, try not to be a creep and contact her when there's nothing at all there to justify going out.

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And jeez, what's so jolly about a phone number? I have never ever in my entire life been denied when asking a phone number. Originally Posted by Midgetkiller. Never a fake number mayne. But I don't give a fuk about phone numbers tbh.

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