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Love another man not my husband

Porn clips Love another man not my husband.

I've developed an obsession with a man other than my husband.

I have been married to...

I have been married 10 years, and we have children. I have been fighting to keep this obsession at bay for over a year.

Sixteen years into my marriage,...

It started as a result of a family tragedy in which a loved one was lost in a traumatic way. Over time my gratitude and appreciation for him as a result of the way he responded to the tragedy has grown into intense emotional and physical desire.

We have had very minimal face to face contact -- I think only three times Love another man not my husband the past 1. I am just feeling less and less confident about this statement all the time and have recently even started considering a very specific plan to meet up with him. I have never been in a position like this before.

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Sure, during the course of 10 years of marriage I have noticed other men or found them attractive, but nothing I was ever tempted to act on.

However, as you can imagine, actual desire is at a low after a decade of marriage and so this attention has me reeling. I am consistently caught off guard by the depth of my feelings and attraction to this man, and the fact that I have Love another man not my husband so far as to communicate this to him is completely uncharacteristic of me.

I've developed an obsession with...

I realize that a large component of our connection has to do with the circumstances under which we met, but I also believe we are two people who simply have a very strong attraction to each other. I never thought I'd be in this position.

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I hold my morality in high esteem I want to continue to do so, but I cannot shake this obsession. I feel powerless over this situation.

"I have a fantastic husband...

I understand that your feelings are very intense, but you are correct in your estimation that this whole situation was exacerbated by the circumstances under which you met. You have only seen this man three times. He seems like a savior, and you met him literally in that exact role, so you're less able to see that he's just a regular guy.

He seems especially exciting compared to your husband, since you are in the "monotogamous" phase of marriage and your husband likely has lost a lot of his appeal.

I discuss here how to stop flirting with a coworker and here how to reconnect after infidelity. Take parts from both of these posts, particularly where I discuss trying to visualize your "obsession" as a regular guy with faults one glaring one is flirting with a married mother and try to see your husband through the lens that made you initially fall in love with him.

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You also may want to find a therapist to discuss why you're so attracted to this man, and how your own family of origin issues are contributing to your desire to be unfaithful, have more excitement, "obsess" over this man, self-sabotage, etc.

If you try all of this, and you still really want to be with this other man, you owe it to your husband and child to be open and honest, and own this. Certainly, cheating on your husband is going to be a bad scene for all involved, especially if he Love another man not my husband it.

And you don't really know what life would be like with this new man. Your contact with him is mostly online; you have no idea how he would be as a life partner or if he wants this.