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What are you willing to sacrifice for love

Pron Pictures What are you willing to sacrifice for love.

When you think about love, you probably imagine the things you will get out of a relationship.

Success can come through love...

A partner who will dote on you. Who will support you in times of need.

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Who will be there to share things with. Who will make you laugh.

You need to dote on them, too. Make them feel secure and happy.

At times, this is going to require you to alter things about your life. How you view the world.

If you love enough you...

As a single person, you went out to drink with your friends every night. They want to go out drinking maybe once a week.

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But they still want to spend time with you. And you want to spend time with them. So, you make a deal: We do these kinds of things all the time in other areas of our lives, but for some reason, when we are asked to do it in our relationship, it can make some people balk.

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If you want your employer to pay you, most likely you need to show up for work. And certainly you need to complete the tasks they have hired you for.

But you must be willing to make the kinds of sacrifices your partner needs — and vice versa. We each give a part of ourselves to another person. We join together to become new people.

That unit can be stronger than each of you individually. And you can open your partner up to new experiences as well.

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