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The Billed Cost of new goods during the period, minus any returns to or allowances from the vendor. A A-Line Dress A dress silhouette close to the body on top and flares out Best call blocker xdating the underarm to the hem.

A-Line Silhouette Silhouette that comes in at the waist and flares Best call blocker xdating at the hem. A-Line Skirt A skirt that is close to the body at the waist and flares out at the hem.

Abattoir A facility where animals are processed for various end uses such as for food and clothing. Abstract Nonrepresentational art; art with no object. Accent The area of a composition that attracts attention first; it has a strong contrast against the rest of the composition. Accordion Pleats Pleats that are smaller at the top Best call blocker xdating larger at the bottom. Achromatic Hues The hues that have no chroma, are not mixtures of chromatic hues, and are not in the spectrum.

Black, white and gray are the achromatic hues. Additive hue system The colors we obtain when mixing together different wavelengths of light. Adjacent hues Hues that are next to each other on the color circle, such as yellow and orange. Adjustable Tab Used as a decorative touch or on the sides of pants, skirts, and jackets to allow for fit adjustments.

After-image When we stare at a hue for a few seconds and then look away, fatigue causes the eye to see the after-image - a ghostly complement of the hue; also known as successive contrast. Alencon Lace Sheer lace with corded edge. Analogous hues Hues that are near each other on the color circle, and that share at least one primary hue.

For example — red and violet, which share red. Aniline Skins Animal skins without any sprayed-on finishes. Anorak A type of rugged pullover outerwear jacket with a drawstring hip and hood.

Apex The fullest part of the bust. Armhole The section of a garment through which the arm passes through or where a sleeve is fitted. Armhole Dart Bodice A bodice where the dart emanates from the armhole to the apex.

Armhole Ridge Area Best call blocker xdating the dress form where the shoulder seam and the natural armhole intersect. Armplate Metal plate on the dress form covering the arm socket.

Armscye The circumference measurement of the armhole. Ascot Wide necktie worn looped over with ends cut diagonally and held in place by scarf pin. Asymmetric The principle of informal balance, rather than formal balance, with each side of the garment offering a different silhouette.

Asymmetrical Any neckline which appears different on either side of center front, or closes Best call blocker xdating one side of center front of blouse or shirt. Asymmetry A lack of equality of shapes, colors and lines on either side of a center line or point.

Atmospheric A quality of a color that makes it seem to have depth, like the sky. Awl Tool used to pinch holes into fabric or paper.

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B Background The area behind the object in a composition; the ground or field. Backing Material used to add support to the underside of a fabric or other material. Can be fused or stitched into place.

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Backstitch Reverse stitch used to reinforce a seam or other area of a garment. Balance The organization of a composition the arrangement of the colors, lines and shapes on Best call blocker xdating side of the center line.

Balance Guideline Mark or marks that are made on muslin to help Best call blocker xdating the grainlines during the draping process. Ballet Soft low kid shoe with Best call blocker xdating sole and flat heel, sometimes made with drawstring throat. Inspired by shoe worn by ballet dancers. Ballpoint Needle Hand and sewing needles with a rounded ball tip for working with knits. Balmacaan Raglan-sleeved, loose-fitting style coat with small turned-down collar which buttons up front to neck.

Band Collar which stands up around neck and buttons. May also be turned down in either front or back, to form two distinct types of collars.

When the front ends of the collar are rounded, it is known as a Mandarin or a Nehru collar. Bandeau A Best call blocker xdating top that covers the bust ending at the waist or sometimes right under the bust.

Barriers Design elements, such as low value colors, that form a barrier preventing the eye from moving past them. They may surround a focal point, or be aligned with the edge of the composition. Bar Tack Stitch that reinforces areas of stress on a garment such as the end of a pocket, They can Best call blocker xdating made by hand, using a zigzag setting on a sewing machine or with a special bar tack machine.

Barn Jacket Hip length outerwear jacketwith low patch pockets and contrast or leather collar. Baseball Jacket A blouson, long sleeved jacket with a rib collar and cuffs.

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Basting Temporary stitches made either by hand or machine until they can be made permanent. Bateau Neckline Neckline that sits away from the neckline and forms a line Best call blocker xdating shoulder to shoulder. Also known as a Boat Neck. Beading Needle Long fine needle with narrow eye so it can beads and sequins can pass through. Sizes range from Beeswax Cake of wax used during hand-sewing that aids the stitching process when thread is passed through it.

Best call blocker xdating Bottoms Pants that are fitted through the leg and flare out at the hem. Bell Sleeve Sleeve that is set into normal armhole, is narrow at the top and flares wider at the hem.

Bellboy Jacket Waist-length jacket with standing collar, two rows of brass or dyed to match buttons on front. Belt Loops Strip of fabric stitched onto a garment to hold a belt in place.

Bermuda Shorts Shorts that stop above the knee. Bertha Wide flat collar designed to accent a woman's shoulders. Besom Pocket Best call blocker xdating term for an inset pocket on a man's suit jacket made with a narrow welted edge above the pocket opening.

It is a double-besom pocket if both edges have welts. Bespoke Refers to a made-to-measure garment. Betweens Needles Also known as quilting needles. Betweens are shorter than sharps and have a small rounded eye for making fine stitches on medium heavyweight fabrics. They are mostly used in tailoring and quilting. Used to bind seams and hems or other edges of a garment.

Bias Cowl Dress Fitted dress, cut on bias grain, forming a draped collar in front. Bias Facing Facing cut on diagonal or bias grain resulting in a softer roll line. Bias Grain The diagonal grain of a fabric that has the most stretch. Bias Strip Strip of fabric cut on the bias and can be used to make loops, encase a raw edge, inserted in a seam for control purposes, or any other use. Bicep Fullest part of the upper arm area between the elbow and the shoulder.

Bicep Line Line that is perpendicular to the sleeve center at the level of the bicep.

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Bicep Circumference Circumference of the bicep area of the upper arm. Bicycle Shorts Tight fitting shorts stopping above the knee made out of stretch fabric.

Bifurcated Dress Form Neck to ankle dress form. Bikini Two piece skimpy swimsuit.

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Bishop Sleeve Sleeve that is full at the bottom and usually gathered into a cuff or band. BL Acronym for bust level. Blazer Traditional type of jacket with a notch collar. Bleeding When dye migrates from one material onto another. Blend Process of joining lines to form a smooth Best call blocker xdating or curve.

Blindstitch Small machine or hand stitch used on hems. The thread is hidden in the fold so that the stitches are not visible. Blocking Process of manipulating muslin or other fabric so that the length and cross grain are at right angles to each other. Blouse Bodice garment that extends to above the hip.

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Blouson Type of design detail where fullness is gathered into a band such as on a blouse hem or at the bottom of a skirt or dress hem. Bobbinet Cotton tulle fabric used on corselets to add support and structure. Bodice Bodice silhouette that is fitted to the body, has shoulder and waist darts and ends at the waistline. It is used as a basic pattern sloper or can also be stylized. Bodice Sloper Silhouette that is fitted to the body, has shoulder and waist darts and ends at the hipline.

Bodkin Long, thick ballpoint needle with an elongated eye used for threading elastic, ribbon or tape through casings and other openings. Bolero Jacket Jacket that sits at or above the waist and is usually collarless. Bond Paper White paper used for fashion drawing. Boned Bodice A bodice where boning or stays are used to create structure.

Boning By-the-yard plastic material inserted into the seams of bustiers, corsets, bodices or any part of a garment where a structured look is desired. Bow Tie Man's tie, square-cut or with shaped ends, tied in a bow under Best call blocker xdating chin.

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