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Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating


I have an associate that has been through a lot. She is a middle aged woman. Her marriage has ended in a divorce. She was laid off from her administrative insurance job three years ago. She had to give up her apartment. She paid her agreed share of bills until her unemployment funds ran out, and depleted all her savings in her bank account. She is having a hard time finding employment in her field.

She has applied for Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating jobs in other non-related fields on different job search engines on internet, no luck.

Recently her grown son wrecked her old car. The only car she had for transportation to get around in the area. Unfortunately, her grown son is not working. She let the city tow yard keep her car. She went to State Employment office-a waste of time. She tried networking and registered with all the staffing temporary agencies in the area.

In the mean time to fill in the gaps of her life, and not feel like a loser, she has done volunteer work as well as went back to school to pursue a degree. She has finished volunteer work and completed second semester of college with a 4.

Presently living back with her retired parents is like having a toothache PAIN! She is trying real hard not to lose her mind. TwinBrownie in Saint Louis, Missouri said: Almost Suicidal in Texas said: Maybe if Missy and I get our commune off the ground she can come and live with us! As for the toothache, most county hospitals will pull "Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating" tooth, but not do much more.

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I would contact community clinics and see if they can help or direct her to help. She doesn't have a toothache. Staying with her parents is like a toothache Her retired parents are " driving " her because they are hoarders; they do not throw anything away.

House infested with roaches because of this problem. They will not listen to her to throw stuff away. Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating receives food stamps for food, but doesn't qualify for cash benefits because she has no small children. If you read the post I stated she is trying to find a job; she is not being picky at all. Unfortunately, she is not having any luck! She did not take on any debt for community college because she qualified for FAFSA pell grant and it paid for her college courses.

She has not obtained her Associate 's degree, yet. She did make the Dean's list second semester of school! This put a smile on her face. Hey Folks, Tell your friend chin up! Keep a good thought, and don't give in. Apply for everything that she sees that she can do, wants to do, thinks she can do, or wants to learn how to do. Someone will give her a chance. My mom was in the same boat when after 10 years of marriage, and 16 years of friendship her husband and best friend dropped a bombshell on her after she was laid off of her job of 20 years.

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And she had two kids to raise. We moved in with my grandparents. My mom took every temp, contractand part time job offered to her until she got her foot in the door at the local college. Keep trudging though, it will all work out! The best advice I can give here is to have your associate Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating a check-up - on the inside. This is a mindset issue as there are companies hiring everywhere and everyday.

And yes, I am hoping that she loses her mind, because the old mindset is what's keeping her back. She is thinking that no one is hiring. She is thinking that she'll never get ahead in life. She is thinking that she's not qualified for any jobs. And of course, she is getting exactly what she's thinking.

I understand that she is trying, but when the going gets tough, the tough needs to get going. Secondly, your associate should be in the forum seeking her own help. I understand you have a good heart and perhaps you just want to help, but you can't find a job for her. She needs to step up. And finally, online is not the best place to find a job.

The best place is onfeet. She should take a walk around the town she wants to work in, with her resume in hand, roll up her sleeves and get ready for work on the spot. Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating, she's the victim of age discrimination. I too, am a victim. Companies will come up with every excuse in the book, in order to cover themselves, because they know it's illegal.

It kills me that such a law can be so unenforceable. Go to the fb page of "Over 50 and out of work", and read more of the comments, than anything else. Lordy, I thought you were writing about me for a second there. I have similar bad luck, and although I wish I could say that things get better, or offer words of encouragement, I have fallen down the same rabbit hole.

Discrimination is every where There's nothing anybody can do about it, even if they come up with all these laws and equal opportunity employer foolishness. Do they really think people believe this? But anyways, age discrimination is not the problem here. Like I said, it's mindset, mixed with attitude, mixed with know-how. Do you know there are some sixty year-olds who can get a job anywhere at any time?

If you know how to interview and sell Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating, you can get any job at any age - Even ninety-nine. Crissy in Walkersville, Maryland. I am a female over 40, and I am having a heck of a time finding a job. I am filling out applications a day online, and not getting one phone call. I have over 20 years of collections and customer service experience.

I thought the job market was getting better, but this Is crazy! CoachRachael in Massachusetts said: If they don't want you because if your age, being "Miss Congeniality" won't matter. They're looking at their possible expenses they may be saddled with, when it comes to their disability insurance rates.

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As to walking around and asking if places are hiring, don't waste your time. Every time I've done that, the first words out of their mouths were "Have you been to our website? AtExit8 in City, New Jersey. As to walking around and asking if places are hiringdon't waste your time.

The only time walking around to businesses works is if they are a mom-and-pop food place.

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I see the small help wanted signs on the doors for pizzerias, bagel places, etc. Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada. AtExit8 in CityNew Jersey said: And years ago, they told us at the unemployment office Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating to spend ALL of our time looking for jobs online. They said the competition is tremendous. If you follow the system that is out there, you're not going to be successful. You can't approach the market in the traditional way.

Like I said, the issue with age discrimination is not age, neither is it qualifications. It's simply candidates not being able to present and package themselves in the right way.

What are the things you're good at? What can you bring to the company?

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What value can you add? Or are you just seeking out benefits? If you say that companies don't hire older folks because disability insurance rates are higher, then address that right off the bat - unless you're planning on calling out sick every month in which case they should be careful NOT to hire you. If you're hunting for a new job later in your career, don't fret.

On the Job Hunt After Your Guide to Combating Ageism. Tyler Omoth. A midlife career change can seem daunting. If you haven't Looking for a new job at 40 is intimidating for work in a few years, or you feel your job search is being negatively impacted by ageism, it could be time to give your.

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