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Categorical exclusion fdating


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Over the past several years, the slope behind NHL-contributing building built has experienced landslides of varying degrees of severity without much repair or reworking. During the winter ofapproximately 75 cubic yards of soil slid down the slope and collected at the rear south elevation of building NPS-owned building in Area B.

Surface Categorical exclusion fdating at the top of the slope may have contributed to the landslides, along with overgrown conditions on the slope face that have hidden washouts. This project will provide emergency stabilization measures to address slope failures.

Equipment to be mobilized on site includes an excavator, tracked skidsteer, water tote, and hydro-mulch trailer. Soil that slid to the area behind building will be tested "Categorical exclusion fdating" stored for the Tunnel Tops project if clean or otherwise disposed at a permitted, offsite landfill in accordance with state and federal law. A temporary gabion wall approximately 6 feet tall and 54 feet long will be installed at the toe of the slope to buttress remaining failing soil.

Crews will hydro-mulch Categorical exclusion fdating replant the cleared slope face in accordance with an approved revegetation plan. Access and staging of the work, which is expected to take approximately one week, will be coordinated with Caltrans and NPS.

A long term engineered solution is being developed. Four Kashmir Cypress Cupressus cashmeriana in the now larger open area west of building will Categorical exclusion fdating planted after the recent loss of a mature coast live oak.

The planting is consistent with the Presidio Promenade ornamental planting, both historic and recent, in the vicinity of building Trust Landscape crews will plant the gallon trees in the immediate area of the downed oak.

The excavation will be by hand and to a depth of no more than 12 inches. Trust Remediation and Archaeological staff Categorical exclusion fdating be consulted prior to the work. NHLD-contributing Quarters 1 built is set back from Simonds "Categorical exclusion fdating," surrounded on two sides by dense and extensive vegetation, and adjacent to the city.

This setting warrants additional security measures beyond Categorical exclusion fdating constructed last year Categorical exclusion fdating to deter would-be intruders. The project will install a short approximately feet section of 6-foot high, black vinyl coated, chain link fence along the western perimeter of the residence.

As little vegetation will be removed as possible, though one downed tree may have to be cut back to accommodate the installation. This project attempts to reduce pest problems by attracting more rodent predators to the Presidio.

Two barn owl boxes will be installed in the Fort Scott neighborhood. The boxes will be monitored for establishment of owl nesting. If nesting occurs, barn owl feeding habits will be observed, and any reduction in rodent-related complaints from neighborhood tenants will be noted. Much of the 2. This project will create a new gate Categorical exclusion fdating pedestrians and bicyclists at Greenwich Street and build the easternmost feet of the multi-use trail. The project is anticipated to improve safety and convenience for pedestrians, cyclists Categorical exclusion fdating motor vehicle drivers.

Pedestrians entering or Categorical exclusion fdating the Categorical exclusion fdating through the Greenwich Gate will experience fewer conflicts with vehicles compared to the Lombard Gate. The gate will reestablish an opening in the wall at Categorical exclusion fdating Street that existedbut at approximately half the width of the foot wide historic opening.

The gate opening will be just wide enough to accommodate a foot wide path with 2-foot wide shoulders. The project will also include crosswalks and other crossing improvements at Ruger Street and Letterman Drive, retaining walls at the gate and along Lombard Street near Letterman Drive, lighting, signage, striping and access controls, irrigation system upgrades and landscaping.

Five trees Categorical exclusion fdating be removed. Concrete repairs to the walkways, landings and sidewalks around five Upper Simonds Loop duplexes — are needed to address uneven walking surfaces. The concrete elements around these buildings are original to the construction of the homes, dating from as part of a Works Progress Administration project.

Front step landings along with concrete walkways at the side and rear elevations will be removed and replaced in-kind to eliminate tripping hazards. This work will include Categorical exclusion fdating grading, dowels and rebar to prevent future settling of the new concrete, and installing curb ramps for accessibility along the public sidewalks in front of the units.

The exhibit will be located on the first floor large gymnasium space.

rehabilitation categorical exclusion will not...

Access to the basement and restroom facilities will be prohibited. The exhibition will use free-standing furniture, lighting and signage to supplement existing infrastructure. Portable toilets will be onsite for the duration. The exhibit is expected to operate Thursday to Sunday.

The CEQ regulations define “categorical...

Parking will be on Categorical exclusion fdating first come, first serve basis. This project will evaluate and if present delineate wetlands and streams within the Pop Hicks Field site. The purpose of the project is to help facilitate lease negotiations and to help ensure that any future development conforms with regulatory requirements, including those with the U.

If jurisdictional wetlands are located, a preliminary wetland delineation "Categorical exclusion fdating" will be prepared and submitted to the Corps and other permitting agencies in order to establish the boundaries of Waters of the Categorical exclusion fdating States and Waters of the State in the site.

Conservation of the environment relies heavily on public support, which is driven by education and engagement. Sharing Categorical exclusion fdating phenomena with the public responsibly can be challenging as the protection of the resource takes precedent.

Live-stream wireless nest cameras provide a means of responsibly sharing sensitive events publicly that would otherwise remain unseen and unappreciated.

Additionally, nest cameras provide an opportunity to gather meaningful data of bird nesting behavior, chick survival, etc. This project will install a wireless camera strategically placed to observe a red-tailed hawk nest up a eucalyptus tree near the intersection of Infantry Terrace and Thomas Avenue.

The camera will Categorical exclusion fdating the installation of a receiving Categorical exclusion fdating antennae inside building The new addition is a one-story steel, wood and glass addition located just south of the living room and includes areas designated for lounging, dining and playing.

The proposed addition has been positioned and designed Categorical exclusion fdating minimize impacts to the historic structure and limit visibility from the public. The proposed exterior improvements include repaving of the existing concrete patio, replacement of a non-historic brick walkway with a new paved walkway off the addition, new lighting, a small trash receptacle enclosure near Categorical exclusion fdating garage, and new plantings and irrigation adjacent to the new addition.

The building addition represents a new element in the landscape that is intended to be subordinate to, and contemporary and compatible with, the structure, while also being fully reversible. The patio improvements retain the original configuration while modifying the existing steps and patio surface to accommodate revised circulation and level changes and improve a concrete slab in poor condition. Subscribe to our e-mail list. Landscaping and landscape maintenance.

Removal of non-threatened or endangered species.

This Documented Categorical Exclusion (DCE)...

Trail development, relocation, or maintenance. Routine maintenance and property and resource management. Special events, public assemblies, and meetings. Research, monitoring, "Categorical exclusion fdating," and information gathering. Educational, informational, or advisory activities. Rehabilitation or improvement of historic properties.

This Documented Categorical Exclusion (DCE) has been Categorical exclusion fdating. Public transit has a long history in Indianapolis, dating back as early as with upgrades to. Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) Categorical Exclusion Evaluations User's.

Manual faunal analysis, lithic use-wear analysis, carbon dating, etc. Laboratory. Mar 10, transportation project qualifies as a Categorical Exclusion (CE) under Environmental Manager approves the CE by signing and dating the.

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