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Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken


Links from this article with broken section links: The Lost and Damned characters Luis Lopez ]]. I think that the reason Kate never invites Niko into her house after a successful date is more likely because she is unwilling to engage in pre-marital sex and not necessarily because she only considers him a friend.

I base this on the fact that she kisses him on the cheek at one point. I am seeing similarities between Niko's personality and the personality of Macbeth - the two are by far the most mature and the sanest of all the people that they interact with, have both been scarred by events in war and both feel that their spirits have been damaged beyond repair by things that they've done Niko by his atrocities and Macbeth by the murder of the King Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken Scotland.

While I accept that Niko is the more moral of the two, I am sure that it is worth noting. Should it be noted? Her last name is wrong. It is "Bardas" in the manual, the website, AND in the actual game itself. No idea where "Ramos" "Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken" from.

It's quite the spoiler to tell readers not only that a character dies, but in what chapter, in the very beginning of their particular articles.

This fucking thing ruined the game for me. Where did you get "Nikolai" from? It would be "Nikola" in Yugoslavian. I haven't seen any official source say that his name is Nikolai. Niko is not Serbian! Niko is a Roman catholic name therefore that makes him Croatian. I would know I'm from yugoslavia. And by the way the voice acting is great and I understood every word said by Niko in croatian. Isn't Niko short for Nikolai? In the interview with Tom Goldburg Tom asks the same question and then calls Niko "Nikolai" without any kind of correction.

Niko comes from Nikola read: NEE-co-lanot Nikolay. Admiral Norton talk Please discuss Niko's nationality somewhere within these threads. Any new threads related to his Nationality will also Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken refactored under this header. Niko Nikola is a serb, who speaks serbo-croat.

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His father was proberbly from croatia and his mother from serbia, but he grew up in serbia. At least we can Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken sure its yugoslavia. The verdict is out which side he fought on, probley serbian —Preceding unsigned comment added by Niko and Roman are Serbs. Vlad tells Mallorie during an early cut-scene in the cab office that the cousins are Serbs. The non-English language they speak is Serbo-Croat. Please amend the main page accordingly.

Duxer if you really speak croatian you should know that Niko speaks serbian in the game. Dave Galesh talk I would just like to report that it was confiermd by Rockstargames that Niko Bellic was born in Croatia. Here is the link: Hi, as I can see there was some arguing about Niko's nationality. I first he was Russian but then I found that on many places it is said that he is a Serbian. Here are some links to be added by someone that can edit.

Please add Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken so there is less confusion. I suspect he is more Croatian than Serbian. Both were involved in the Bosnian war, but Niko is a common Croatian name.

Bellic means "Warlike" in latin, so its more likely in a country with an influence from Rome. This fits well with the Croatian theory. On the contrary I suspect that he is more Serbian than Croatian. Belic would come from the slavic word belo meaning white.

Also Niko could be short for Nikola. In Serbia almost everyone goes by a shortened name, especially in familiar relationships. Also in the introduction he says "Zdravo Burazeru" which would translate to "Hello or greetings Brother" in serbo-croatian, and I believe this term is more commonly Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken in Serbia rather that Croatia. Although all this information would equally suggest "Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken" from any ex-yugoslavian country, I am told that he mentions Serbian and is referred to as a Serb throughout the game.

This information would conclude this discussion, however, it is yet to be cited. The opening "burazeru" phrase is Serbian, that word is not used in Croatia, so to me Niko comes across as Serbian. Either Rockstar people intentionally wanted to make Niko a mix of nationality, or they just didn't care and ended up confusing everyone. Then, Niko fought together with a guy called Florian. To find a guy named Florian in any of the Serbian military or paramilitary forces is as likely as to find Jacob Goldberg in the Gestapo Central Command.

That just doesn't happen. The only consistent background story I could come up with all that being said is that Niko is from an ethnically mixed family, his father being Croatian and his mother Serbian, and he ended up fighting for the Croatian side.

That would make his character even more complex because he ended up fighting in a war where he doesn't really belong to either side.

After knowing that Roman dies...

I think, Niko is a serb. I have found two references. They show that Niko is a serb [3] and [4]. Sorry, the references are in the German language. This is because I live in Switzerland and I am a serb too. In the first reference stand, that he is serb and he has fought in the Yugoslav wars. In the second reference stand, that he is serb. I can find some references to show, that Niko is a serbian, but I think two references are enough to show that he is serb.

Niko could be short for Nikola and in the introduction he says "Zdravo Burazeru" which would translate Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken "Hello Brother" in serbian. So he kills them When you talk with the hitman Eddie, Eddie asks "Where are you from? His mother Milica Serb name sends emails in the Serbian language. He has feuds with the Albanians, because of the Kosovo War.

But references do, and until you can find one that agrees with you, this information is unsuitable. Games do not always agree with facts, just the information submitted.

Toni's complete first name, Antonio, was not suggested until GTA: Toni is also called Anthony on some occasions. Niko Bellic is a fictional character in the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Niko grew up in war-torn Yugoslavia [5].

Niko's father was a bully who never believed in him, but his mother was very caring and felt sad that a decent person like Niko had to grow up in such a harsh place. He witnessed and committed numerous atrocities which deeply affected him, giving him a cynical view on life and serious feelings of regret and depression as he got older.

A defining moment in the war for Niko was when his Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken unit of fifteen young men including him were ambushed by the enemy. Niko barely escaped with his life, but most of his friends were killed - he later discovered that two others also survived.

Realizing that one of them tipped the enemy off to their location, Niko vowed to track down the culprit, not solely on revenge, but because he needed closure and that doing so would put his demons to rest.

Cars actually break down--even when...

Can we put this one to rest, and call him Eastern European? Sure, a guy from Romania who speaks Serbian It's actually never mentioned that he is from Jamaica West Indianbut he speaks Rastafarian English.

Date of Death, She plays...

Based on that, the article mentions "Jamaican arms dealer". That's ok, but Niko's not? Ok, what is this childish game of changing his nationality over and over!!!? Stop changing it people! And no, I am not from Serbia if some of you think thats why I want it changed! And as I can see on the internet, Milica is a common Serbian name. Why can't you put a link to the site where that is said? Here's another link to the radio interview with Michael Hollick: He clearly states that Niko is Serbian.

Michael only mentions - "When they asked for a Serbian dialect Later on, after a Niko Bellic 'impression' from Michael, The interviewer After realizing Niko speaks some Serbian, he assumes he is from Serbia. Kill Niko Bellic; then she is gone from the game of course you can't really die in GTA4 can you?

And for girlfriend i have ♥♥♥♥♥ Alex she ♥♥♥♥ like animal on PC on release date as PC audience craves it Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken more than outdated PS3 HW They dont like pc because many people get cracked games. After knowing that Roman dies if I chose Deal, I decided to load Ralph Breaks the Internet Review My question is: Will Packie stay my friend after Gta 4 dating kate after she died of a broken dies? She won't call you, you can't call her, no dates, el finito.

Kate McReary (Irish: Cáit Mac Ruairí) is a character who appears as a main character and a girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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as well, seeing as how she does not like to go bowling, or see a show at both Perestroika and Split Sides. In Undertaker and dating (BEFORE she dies in Mr. and Mrs. Bellic), she wears a black.

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