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If you're posting a mix you MUST post it to the weekly mix thread. No "for sale" or "wanted" posts. Do not link to torrent sites. Support the artists who make the music and software you use. Absolutely no self-promotion on other people's posts.

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If someone asks you for your page, that's cool, but "No more hookup djs nick holder original" linking will get your post removed. Reddiquette as always is in effect. Treat each other with respect. Omers on taking Gigs outside of your Normal Genres. Popidge on mixing DnB. How to get gigs. The ultimate CDJ comparison chart by djresource. If you play a track live, please support the artist that spent countless hours producing that track. No more hookup djs nick holder original can probably find that track for purchase at one of the following sites:.

This is the thread where you post your DJ mixes and ask other people to give you feedback. If you submit your mix, please take the time to listen and comment on some other submissionsespecially if they play a style of music you're interested in. Thanks for your help in making these threads work well for everyone! These threads are intended for beginning DJs who are honestly looking for feedback or critique on their technique, selection, transitions, etc. Posts that appear to be purely promotional in nature may be removed at the moderators' discretion.

This subreddit is aimed at helping new DJs learn and is not the place to promote yourself! Please include the genre s of your mix. Mixcloud is the preferred place to post mixes. It allows you to include your tracklist and transition times, allows unlimited uploads, and is generally more geared towards DJs.

Hopefully you are looking for input on specific tracks or transitions. I really like the first few transitions but I feel like I lost some of the energy when I brought in the Maceo Plex track No more hookup djs nick holder original about Does anyone think I used too much FX? Thanks for any feedback!

I hope you like it! First ever mix, took a dive on a Traktor S2 and this is what I threw together. Little mistakes were made but overall, I think this went really well. One thing I noticed was I used delay often to mix tracks through, is this okay? You can notice in some parts maybe I overdo it. Could I pass it off as my "vibe", clappy and happy environment perhaps. Also, how does the flow feel?

I think I mixed really well for a first time with good changes of energy throughout. Ninja Edit - This is without headphones, so what's the next step for me in terms of techniques and stuff that I can use? This is the third mix I made for my tek yes series! Decided to get a bit more acid with this one, tracklist is on soundcloud.

Download Real House and Electronic...

If you enjoy it check out my other two mixes! The theme of this mix is a hot hot summer, and should make people feel as such.

This is my first mix, looking for specific feedback on transitions and just overall feel of song progression; or if ya just like it. All song's are from deadmau5.

My 2nd recorded mix - tried to tell a bit of a love story with this one, lots of vocal tracks. Still trying to keep my hands off the knobs messing with effects too much! This is my 5th? This is for all for fun, but I would like some constructive criticism!

I do know for a fact that I need to work on my transitions, I enjoy the "Shh" to the "Divinity" remix a lot. But yeah, transitions in some just jump right into it and is definitely my weakness!

Nonetheless, hope you all enjoy it! Repost or like if you enjoy it! My third Mix, which i uploaded. Wanted to connect some of No more hookup djs nick holder original old gems with the just ongoing movement in Electronic Music everywhere.

Maybe someone can feel it ;- Criticize and be harsh! Tech-House Mix Would love feedback and a follow on soundcloud would help me alot. While this is ok, for me it kills the energy.

This way the transition into s breakdown is more expected than a gradual fade out of the vocals. While again, this is fine, it feels to me like the change decreases energy, going from a harder techy vibe into a more chilled house vibe.

So this mix was quite a challenge for me as I tried to fit in a lot of different styles in just over an hour, but I am pretty happy with how it No more hookup djs nick holder original. I mainly want feedback on where I've cut between tracks using hot cues, which happens from the halfway point onwards. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Please only post your mixes to the weekly mix thread!

You can probably find that track for purchase at one of the following sites: User Directory Looking to hook up with other DJs in your area? Submit your info here: Directory Submission Form Then check out the spreadheet here: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Beatmatch submitted 1 year ago by AutoModerator [ M ]. Want No more hookup djs nick holder original add to the discussion?

Finally, what genres to tag with? I'm not great at identifying. Nicky Romero - Toulouse Like a Bitch vs. Albzzy - The Gyaldem J. Would like to hear any constructive criticism. Luxury Charles Webster Mix-1 by Luka ft. Tracklist will be posted next week ; Sharing this mix to everyone!!!! Cole Lights Please - J. Nas Satisfy You - Puff Daddy ft.

Jay-Z Whatever - Ideal feat. Miguel In The Morning - J. Drake Crew Love - Drake Ft. But I liked the mix. Any feedback is appreciated https: Download Real House and Electronic Music in AIFF, WAV No more hookup djs nick holder original MP3 format. Featuring guest dj's from all over South Africa, you are sure to be entertained BPM - Mountains Of Sichuan Province (Original Mix) HOOK UP WITH BRADLEY. NO VOICE OVERS FOR THIS AND A FEW MORE SHOWS THIS YEAR DUE TO PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Nick Holder - Losing Me ( Main Mix). Hence not track list and him being mentioned as the mysterious Guest DJ.

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Please click Sean McCabe Pete Simpson - New World (Sean And Lem s Original Vocal). 7. Eugene Wilde - Back For More (Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart Remix). 3. DJ .

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