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Marvin gaye sexual healing lyrics meaning


Author David Ritz is best known for writing the autobiographies of music legends B.

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Not only did Ritz travel all the way to Ostend, Belgium to write the song with Gaye, but later he was forced to file a lawsuit when Gaye did not credit him on the song.

But Gaye was always on the move, living first in Cleveland, then Hawaii and London.


Not having had a hit for years, suffering drug addictions and going through two brutal divorces, Gaye was broke and down when Belgium businessman Freddy Cousaert invited him to stay in the seaport town of Ostend. Cousaert then got Gaye an apartment, loaned him money, and earnestly helped him rebuild his career.

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Gaye invited Ritz to Belgium to work on the book. Gaye was also focused on writing songs for his next album, which would be his first for Columbia CBS Records after 20 years with Motown. On his coffee table was an avant-garde, French sadomasochistic book, full of cartoon drawings of women who were sexually brutalized.

What you need is sexual healing, being in love with one woman, where sex and love are joined instead of sexual perversity. Marvin immediately loved the song, and he thought it would be a hit. Ritz believes his experience as an autobiographer helped prepare him to write Marvin gaye sexual healing lyrics meaning lyric for Gaye.

After staying in Belgium for about three weeks, Ritz flew back to his home in Los Angeles. When he spoke to Gaye, he asked why he was left off the writer credits. He went into a precipitious mental and spiritual decline, which ultimately resulted in his demise.

As a result of his state of paranoia, he perceived me as an adversary. For a while, Gaye had reassured Ritz that he would resolve the matter.

But it eventually became clear to Ritz that his only recourse Marvin gaye sexual healing lyrics meaning to file a lawsuit against Gaye. Finally, after consulting with my agent and business friends, I initiated the suit.

He was served the suit before one of his concerts. Ritz did make another effort to try to patch things up with Gaye. He asked a mutual friend to speak to Marvin gaye sexual healing lyrics meaning about him. This time, the result was more positive, with Gaye saying he did want to reconcile Marvin gaye sexual healing lyrics meaning friendship with Ritz.

However, Gaye was tragically killed by his father, Marvin Gay Sr. His father claimed it was self-defense, and later pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter.

On November 2,Gay Sr. Depositions were eventually taken, with several key witnesses testifying. Finally, on the day the case was going to trial, in the hallway outside the courtroom, the attorneys for both parties settled the lawsuit.

Ritz finally received his writer and respective publisher credit, and began receiving royalties from the song. The whole thing turned into a business muddle, but it ultimately Marvin gaye sexual healing lyrics meaning a honest conclusion. More information about David Ritz can be found at his website: What does Marvin Gaye's song Sexual Healing mean? We have the answer. David Ritz with Marvin Gaye in Ostend, Belgium. Marvin liked the concept of sexual healing, so he asked me to write lyrics to “Marvin was healthier and more psychologically stable living in the peaceful setting in Belgium,” explained Ritz.

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I want sexual healing / Sexual healing, oh baby / Makes me feel so fine / Helps to relieve my mind / Sexual healing baby, is good for me / Sexual healing is.

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