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Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif


By firstnadyaJuly 7, in shippers' paradise. So KS and SM needed to pass their mission by passing the marbels with a spoon and they needed to get 10? I don't remember this game being played much before, but it looks a bit intimate.

There seems to be a pattern here, both with the time skip in logic and the casual acceptance of initimacy.

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Out of curiosity, is dating your coworker a taboo in korea? In some countries it is an absolute no-no but i wonder if anyone has an answer for such a case in korean culture? Not that I'm an expert in SK culture, but considering RM had an episode about finding coworker couples in an office building back inI'd say that it's not taboo.

However, I think there's a bit of a different standard for celebs especially idols where fans tend to feel more ownership over their favorite celebs, and therefore dating someone that fans don't Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif of can be dangerous for a celeb. Sorry y'all that I haven't been active recently! Does anyone know the song that JI Hyo uses as her ringtone? Just curious since the others nagged her about being sick of it since she hasn't changed it in years.

Not to say it's bad or anything but I remember one of the many times Kang Gary was asked in an interview or fan meet. Just in case if you guys missed their old moments! Did you put it together? If yes, great job. If someone else did it, kudos to them, as well. How can anyone watch these moments and not notice the chemistry between SA?

It may be okay for some doubters to say they looked like siblings at the beginning, but as the moments piled up, there's no way they're siblings - definitely friends, but very possibly more. I also noticed this was your first post. If you've lurked, and decided to post, please post more. Regardless, welcome to the forum! You may have shipped SA for only one year, but you've probably noticed that with SA, there's a lot of push and pull.

Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif all used to seeing this, and know that this, in no Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif, means things are cooling off. Let's just be watchful, and grateful, for them. Also, SA are the sunbaeshelping to take care of the newbies.

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You said it yourself, keep the positive vibe. KJK was like "we definitely could do better than KwangMin couple". He was like "we real couple sure can do better".

Also the way Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif said it with a shy but sneaky smile on his face and SJH's "of course" yet shy face tells so much to me. It seemed like HAHA knew her current bf and he knows that her bf is not the type who lies to his gf, because I think if HAHA didn't know her current bf, the normal way to say that sentence is "I feel sorry to your boyfriends" including the current one.

Since the fact that her being very observant still imply to her current boyfriend. Also KS saying "she knows everything", it "Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif" when her boyfriend try to lie to her she knows it immediately?? The scene where the members try to take food from SJH's plate strengthened my belief that KJK is still unable to approach SJH naturally without being awkward in front of camera.

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So it resulted in a non-participant KJK with an awkward smile. I also hope so, because if SA have an intention to announce anything soon, imo showing some closeness or playing couple games would help them so much as it slowly increase the possibilities of people seeing them as a couple and later on minimize the percentage of shock people would feel once they announce their relationship.

But seeing the distance they put between each other lately, I was like "SA you are so predictable after so many years". Actually I hope we Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif see a good episode with consistent and challeging games if SA happens to be choosen for a punishement trip together later on.

Antis and disguised lurkers, we are not easily swayed so don't waste your time here. SA is one of the most detemined and well built ship Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif when some lurker sharks tries to bite us they will only inflict damage to their teeths. Remind me not to get on your bad side. Those people are so obvious, aren't they? Also, a bit desperate, I think. I totally second your thoughts re: It seemed totally random for him to compare SA with Kwangmin.

They got it on the first try.

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Also, I loved how KJK just casually agreed. I can't believe their weird logic: Maybe, they're referring to off-screen experience. He could have just said "your boyfriends. About your last point: At least he's not moving away from her. The way he sat, so close and at one point with his "Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif" behind her, was very much the pose of a BF, unconsciously protective and possessive, at the same time. The guy's full of contradictions. I fully expect him to suffer more, before things get better.

Yeah I know just forget to talk about it LOL. I think she gave him half or some of her food since she was already drinking the broth and put her fork and chopticks down while her plate was still half full. And a part of me thinks Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif she gave him some food just like YJS but the moment was cut that's why it's shown after the second attempt of JSJ trying to take some food from her, in slow mo is indeed clearer.

Yeah YJS seemed like a parent bragging about his child no matter how good other's children are you will always think your child is the best LOL. He was like "are you proud of yourselves because you barely got 10? We forgot that sj also at time has a slip of the tongue like when jk didn't choose jh to be on his Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif and he was asking him what about her and also last week episode too when jh won and needs to cover name tag and sj was asking jh what about jk but got cut off and right their he change the topic so sj too can be a lot of help.

This bring back memories back when haha wife was a guest and they were playing the game of dating places and ks said to jk I hope you don't write my house and we all know who use to visit ks house in groups. I cant find the scene where you are talking about. Can kindly tell me the timing or a picture will be good. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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The ratings won't be out until around Posted October 2, Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif, i'm new shipper of SA. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Go To Topic Listing shippers' paradise. Yg Family Official Thread. Sign In Sign Up. Song Joong Ki and Kim Jaejoong before the Jackal VIP Premiere Jaejoong Talks About Love Scandals and Dating PubliclyIn "Korean Actors" JYJ Kim Jae Joong and Song Ji Hyo′s Song ji hyo dating jaejoong gif for 'The Jackal is Coming' fx g.o gifs girl's generation happy new year heechul hoon Infinite interview jaehyo. · Out of curiosity, is dating your coworker a taboo in korea?

Does anyone know the song that JI Hyo uses as her ringtone? I think I saw someone on IG say it was Sunny Day by Jaejoong. Like 2. #dbsk#jackal is coming#jaejoong#jejung#jyj#song ji hyo#tvxq#gifs coming# what's their ship name - she's dating someone can they even have a ship name?.

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