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Plus size and dating


After calling out the double standards men have about dating plus-size womenblogger Stephanie Yeboah wasn't done. The plus-size fashion blogger took to Twitter to ask both men and women to share their worst dating stories as a plus-size person, and needless to say, the responses ranged from hilarious to horrifying.

Dating while plus sized: I want to see something. In her tweet, Yeboah asked people to share the hardest thing they had to face when dating while plus-size, the weirdest message they received, or just generally spill the deets on their worst dates. Good looking, popular guy in our "circle" when I was 18 took me on a date. Then told me we should just be friends His friend as good as confirmed he liked me but "couldn't get past" the fact I wasn't slim pic. Women shared stories of people they were interested in who couldn't "look past" the fact that they weren't slim.

Growing up, guys would always make fun Plus size and dating myself, so while I might feel attractive, it was hard for me to believe others do too. I had a fling with a guy for four years in school. Tbh I've been extremely lucky and haven't really encountered any issues or problems other than some women who can't envisage why a guy they fancy would be with a fat girl. Not sure if this js the sort of thing you're looking for but My weight has varied a lot over the years.

When i lose weight people assume it's to improve my love life. I get comments like "you're doing this for a woman aren't you? There is a screenshot somewhere of a conversation literally seesawing between "you fat bitch - i want to fuck you - fat cow" ad nauseum. Hardest thing has definitely been men who had no issue telling me how beautiful my body was in private but Plus size and dating embarrassed by my body in public???? However, some people said they had better luck dating when they were plus-size than a straight size.

I am at practically at heaviest and get more play now than when I was a size 8. Talking to someone online then After we meet he stops interacting with me. Feeling like Plus size and dating solely coz of my weight. There are also shitty relationships where one person doesn't know how to approach their partner's weight. Plus size and dating ex had such weird issues with my weight. Some women opened up about men not accepting that they can be attracted to a woman who wasn't thin.

I suspect this has been the issue for a number of boys I dated when I was younger.


That it's been almost hard for themselves to accept they fancy someone who isn't a size I've definitely had Plus size and dating least one guy who was shit scared of introducing me to his friendship circle "because they're very judgemental about my girlfriends. Constant fear of crushing my partner. Not feeling attractive enough to be seen with your partner. Over hearing Plus size and dating "you're with him? When I was bigger and before The Fit Londoner came about, a guy i was with for a bit told me guys didn't like me because I was chubby.

BTW, it's totally OK. We even talked to a sexologist about it. I was in a serious, committed relationship.


After 2 years of sniping at me about my weight and realising I wasn't going give in and starve myself skinny they way they wanted his brother and mother manipulated him into breaking up with me. Plus size and dating giving me unsolicited nutrition and workout advice when I tell them I workout regularly.

To them I'm just not doing it right and that's why I'm not a size 2. I was once asked specifically how much I weighed Plus size and dating if I was athletically big Plus size and dating would be ok. Being chatted up in public and when I politely decline being called a fat slag and told that it was all a big joke to see if I was desperate enough to accept the request for a date.

This was unfortunately not a one off! It's totally within your right to reject people and expect them to treat you respectfully, not insult and berate you. Lmao I put a disclaimer on mine: I'm fat as you're reading this profile, I'm gonna be fat if you message me and I'm still gonna be fat if you wanna meet.

But dudes are still shocked!! The dumbest Plus size and dating a dude has ever said to me is that if I were 50lbs lighter I would be out of his league.

Also my fave dichotomy: I like my girls bbw???????? When you don't blow them right away: But thanks for the compliment I guess pic.


A guy once told me he wasn't that fully attracted to me bcuz of my size. And a crush once referred to me as a harpoon whale.

"Dating always comes with a...

Plus size and dating romance has little space in popular culture beyond being a punchline. The idea of being a fat person who is happily dating in public creates really strong feelings in people. Society needs to get it together tbh and acknowledge that people of all sizes are capable of dating and being in romantic relationships. Dating is hard enough regardless of your size, and if you're plus-size, you shouldn't be fearful of rejection, fetishization, ghosting, or being told you should be "grateful.

You're always enough, regardless of what anyone — whether it's a person you're friends with, a stranger, or a person who you're dating — says. Dec 6, Yeboah posted an open call for stories on Twitter. Of course, Twitter got to work. People shared fears of being treated as a joke. People opened up about Plus size and dating fear of instant rejection. AlysonSaidWhat December 6, He told her he cheated because he was "used to being with hot Plus size and dating and wanted a treat.

Women revealed that they had to be kept "secret. KatyMackenzie19 December 6, People also shared stories of disbelief. Men chimed in, too. Everybody wants to be your friend not your "Plus size and dating" — Andrew Plus size and dating drewpuddy December 6, Men also talked about being told that when they lose weight, it's "for a woman. Women also shared fears of fetishization. Some opened up about the secrecy that went with their relationship.

Ghosting was also a major issue. Apparently plus-size people should be "grateful? Some women were told that their assets "don't count. Seriously, the secrecy is real and frustrating. Some men were scared of hurting their partner.

While other people were Plus size and dating that their weight keeps them from being attractive. Some women shared stories of sexual insecurity. Weight also pushed some people to break up. There are also people who complained of unsolicited diet advice. Then there were the people who couldn't take no for an answer. Some people even put in a disclaimer in their dating profiles.

Navigating the dating space as...

We, um, don't have the words to describe this. People are trying to be Drake in the beginning, then change their minds real quick. But of course, Twitter's real sassy side came through. Some were compared to animals. Yeboah chimed in with some truth bombs, too. This artist turns Disney princesses into body-positive queens. Get the latest from Revelist. "Dating always comes with a certain amount of Plus size and dating, no matter what your size. But your size doesn't matter as much as you think it does.".

I have several family members and friends who are considered to be plus-size, and they've sometimes struggled in their dating lives because. "Dating always comes with a certain amount of BS, no matter what "Plus size and dating" size. But your size doesn't matter as much as you think it does.".

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