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Anal cancer screening

Nude photos Anal cancer screening.

The incidence of anal cancer is higher in women than men in the general population and has been increasing for several decades. Similar to cervical cancer, most anal cancers are associated with human papillomavirus HPV and it is believed that anal cancers are preceded by anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions HSIL.

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Our goal was to summarize the literature on anal cancer, HSIL and HPV infection in women, and provide screening recommendations in women. Anal HPV infection is common in women but is relatively transient in most.

The risk of anal HSIL and cancer varies considerably by Anal cancer screening group, with HIV-infected women and those with a history of lower genital tract neoplasia LGTN at highest risk compared with the general population. While there are no data yet to demonstrate that identification and treatment of anal HSIL leads to reduced risk of anal cancer, women in groups at the highest risk should be queried for anal cancer symptoms and have digital anorectal examinations to detect anal cancers.

Healthy women with no known risk factors or anal cancer symptoms do not need to be routinely screened for anal cancer or anal HSIL. The overall objective of this report is to summarize current knowledge of anal cancer, anal squamous intraepithelial lesions ASIL and anal HPV infection in different risk groups of women, and provide recommendations for screening women for anal disease, based on expert opinion. The incidence of anal cancer has been increasing in the general population of women for the last few decades, but the risk of anal cancer varies considerably by Anal cancer screening group.

Although not yet proven in formal randomized controlled trials, like cervical cancer, anal cancer may be potentially preventable through screening to detect and treat anal precancerous lesions. Given the variation in risk for anal cancer, ASIL and anal HPV infection, Anal cancer screening is likely that an anal screening program would benefit some groups of women more than others. Three groups for investigation were created based on consensus discussions: Literature search were performed using key words ie.

Each group also identified important articles that were missing from the searches.

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