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Wenger backpack review


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I bought this bag in January and it is now nearly April so I feel I have done a reasonable Wenger backpack review of general use to give a good opinion of its quality. I am a novelist so this rucksack travels with me all over the country protecting and transporting my tools of the trade and has been slung under desks in offices, libraries and coffee shops all Wenger backpack review the country even in these short months.

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The most important thing for me and a rucksack is the ability to protect my laptop and I am pleased to say this pack does so admirably. There are lots of rucksacks were the 'laptop compartment' is just a slightly puffy pouch in the main body of the bag. I consider this a useless approach to laptop safety.

Crumbs and dust can easily get in from the other things in your bag, and there is nothing protecting the top edges of the laptop. This bag has an entirely separate compartment for the laptop. It had soft and squidgy lining to protect your laptop from knocks and falls as well as a soft lining on the inside. There is also a pouch for a tablet, if you want to slide that in there on its own or with a laptop.

My only criticism of this pouch is that it is slightly smaller than I Wenger backpack review expecting. I missed the "macbook" part of the Wenger backpack review specification Wenger backpack review thought it would suit any 15" laptop.

While my laptop does fit inside it is a little more snug than I would have liked. I would have preferred another centimetre or so of wiggle room.

Macbook users and people who own laptops of similar dimensions will probably be very satisfied though. The rest of the bag is nicely designed. The main compartment is spacious Wenger backpack review has an interior divider to help organise things. It can fit a couple of ringbinders and notebooks inside no problem and has carried home the shopping once or twice as well. I've been able to pack for a weekend away and keep it all in my rucksack no problem.

There is a medium sized pouch that I use for quick access notebooks, or for toiletries when travelling. Again, it is a good size and could Wenger backpack review keep a few A5 notebooks inside, or some electronics. In a pinch "Wenger backpack review" can be crammed with stuff to fill the bag out and adds that extra litre or two of space I was expecting in the main bag.

At the very front of the bag is a stationary pouch. It is nicely laid out with slots for pens Wenger backpack review slide in and a zip-pouch inside I use for keys or flash drives. Mostly I just let my stationary lie any old how, though. It's a good size. I've got 10 artist pens, three or four mechanical pencils, some assorted biros, a fountain pen, and a few refill ink cartidges and there is still plenty of room for more if I needed it.

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Else where on the bag there is a slot for Wenger backpack review water bottle. It's not as deep or big as I wanted but it forms a tight grip on anything I put Wenger backpack review there, so it does do its job. I just wouldn't trust it to keep anything larger than a ml bottle in.

Wenger backpack review are two small pockets on the side of the rucksack that are perfect for keys, or small change, or a name badge.

Something that you want to keep separate from the bag's detritus "Wenger backpack review" easily accessible. At the top is another small pocket that I believe is meant to be waterproof but I've never tested it. It is large enough for a phone or MP3 player Wenger backpack review maybe even a small point and shoot camera. I don't tend to keep much in it, but its been useful place to keep an emergency headphone set.

With the number of pockets on the bag I am able to give lots of things their own pocket and know they are always there, which is excellent. The straps are comfortable and adjustable and even 20 or 30 kilos feels comfortable spread across the shoulders. The zips are sturdy and do not come loose, but do jangle quite a bit.

You're not going to be stealthy Wenger backpack review it. There are two handles for reasons I am not sure of.

One is tough Wenger backpack review like most rucksacks, but the other is a very nice rubber handle with a steel-wire core. It feels very sturdy and strong and I am not sure why the other handle exists. Maybe to hang on coat hooks easier. There are numerous holes to attach bungie cords or caribiners Wenger backpack review you need to carry even more things on the one bag. While I do not do this I appreciate the option. Maybe one day I'll need to tie a sleeping bag or something to it while travelling.

One nice feature that is subtle but appreciated is that it has a small platform in its base to make sure it always stands upright. It can be knocked over with a bit of force, but mostly will sit upright properly.

This is very handy as I sling it under my desk a Wenger backpack review and being able to just reach in and grab things from it without having to pull it back upright is appreciated. Again, subtle but worth mentioning.

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It makes owning the bag a better experience. Overall the build quality feels very solid. It feels tough and rugged. Loaded down with about kilos does seem to strain its stitching as you lift it, so I wouldn't recommend it, but it will carry the weight if demanded. This is also about the maximum load you could put inside it anyway. I tend to wear rucksacks out quite hard, so I am hoping this rucksack will last a while.

The one before this lasted about years, and I will amend this review if the Wenger does not last the same. With the quality of it right now I expect it to last at least as long, if not longer. My most important factor as I said at the start is protecting my laptop. This bag does it perfectly. It Wenger backpack review everything else to a very high standard.

My only criticism is that it is slightly smaller than I am used to and would have wanted a slightly bigger one if it was available.

For most people though I think it will suit them fine, and they may even prefer the smaller size. It is an excellent rucksack that I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed in. Was bought this for my birthday by my wonderful wife, having previously bought it for two of my sons.

Absolutely brilliant bag, fantastically organised and well built. Sheer genius are the shock absorbing straps which transform load carrying; what I used to think heavy with my last bag l barely Wenger backpack review with this. My only Wenger backpack review is the 'Velcro strap' for fixing the laptop in place, which ridiculously has Velcro only at the very end, which is completely useless for my 13" MacBook it may serve some purpose if you are loading a 17" but I doubt it even functions for a 15".

Luckily strap material just about hitches to the Velcro hooks on the side of the sleeve, so it Wenger backpack review of works, but clearly a design fault that should be looked at. Top-rated Most recent Top-rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only Wenger backpack review star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading the comments at the moment. After a year of using this backpack, i've Wenger backpack review absolutely zero issues with it at all. Nothing has broken, nothing has come loose.

All the zips still work without issue. I bought this and expensed it back through work, now I'm leaving my current employer I have to return the bag but I'm going to buy another one exactly the same as this. Well built, loads of space without been too bulky, Wenger backpack review straps, inner zips for stuff you don't want rattling around.

My only very minor gripe with it is that you cannot padlock Wenger backpack review of Wenger backpack review zips - but that's the only thing I would personally improve on this. I bought this for commuting with my MacBook Pro 13", iPad Mini 4, plastic lunchbox for sandwiches, flask of tea, fruit for lunch, headphones, iPad Mini stand, A5 Notepad, pens, usb charger cables, keys, and it all disappears into the backpack nicely with room to spare.

The straps are plenty long enough for the biggest of shoulders, and the plastic tabs on the end are a nice touch to make the strap length easy to adjust once on the shoulders.

The carry handle is a comfortable rubber affair with a thick cable contained within. The "Wenger backpack review" lined laptop section is a little large for the 13" MacBook, but not so large it is not held securely. The fur lined tablet pocket is wide enough to take my iPad Mini in landscape orientation, but I stow it in portrait orientation within a separate iPad case. The main compartment is large enough for my lunch, flask and large on ear headphones.

There is a small pocket on the top with a red zip that is large enough to hold keys, tickets, loose change and be easily accessible. It is a quality, good sized backpack that I don't hesitate to recommend. One person found this helpful. The grey is darker in actuality and with the finish of the "Wenger backpack review" it looks great against the black, and I'd take this over an all-black version any day.

Pros - rugged yet comfortable - Stands upright when loaded, needs a bit of breaking in though - tons of pockets. Pockets all over the place. Lots of pockets for storage.

Numerous pocket for every conceivable storage of any size. Tried out Wenger backpack review vendors before, but they didn't make the cut. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wenger UPDATE 15" MacBook Pro Backpack, Anti-scratch lining with dedicated 10" iPad Pocket in.

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