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Michael smith on dating site


He has been chatting with me on IM for 5 weeks. I knew nothing about these scams. He told me he was travelling to Sudan and Nigeria as freelance journalist. I fell totally in love with him. Only after he told me he had accident Michael smith on dating site knocked down a small child. He begged me to help him with some money, I checked everything out, I could not trip him up I could not find out anything about him to make me suspect him - not until I sent him some money.

Now he wants some more money for blood transfusion for this kid He, will break your heart, they will write such beautiful things to you to get your heart. Believe me I tried to check out everything and it was all plausible. Things to watch out for Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

Please notify me once a day about new comments Michael smith on dating site this topic. Please provide a valid email address Michael smith on dating site you select this option, or post under a registered account. Show city and country Show country only Hide my location You can mark text as 'quoted' by putting [quote]. Please type in the code: Please do not post inappropriate pictures.

Inappropriate pictures include pictures of minors and nudity. The owner of this web site reserves the right to delete such material. Send a message to Subject. Micheal Smith is a big "Michael smith on dating site" and he is bi sexual too and also may have gf name elma. Michael Smith, has many faces and apparently many different directions, had been talking for about a year to him until I finally told him off.

He says he has a 13 year old daughter and was always asking for photos of mine, which were of course not sent. Says his birthday is Sept 20,and his daughter Jenny's is Sept the They were due here in the states 2 weeks ago, but may be travelling with a Ms. Hope this helps so no one else gets as burned as I did, or as heartbroken. He also stated he was an Economics teacher for the government in Lagos, Nigeria.

Before moving to Nigeria, he lived in East Wenatchee, WA until his wife Karen died then he moved his daughter to England, to be near her grandmother, until the past 2 and a half years they have been in Lagos, Nigeria.

He is a sweet talker promised the world and he is also wanted by the federal marshals in our town for internet fraud, that almost got me put in jail because I was stupid enough to listen to him. Please I hope this helps some one out there and don't fall for the cons that this man for any other have to offer they are not worth it.

Michael Smith uses two other emails michael yahoo. This image was also posted here: I LOVE feeling this way. It is amazing to have you love me as much as I love you. I am just as crazy about you as you are about me. A mutual love between us that brightens every minute of my day and lifts my spirits as high as the clouds.

You and I have already met on Cloud 9. I see you there. You Michael smith on dating site so beautiful and your smile shines as bright as the sun. I can hear your heart beating as we embrace each other with the biggest teddy bear hug you can imagine. We cannot hold back our love for each other. We will never take each other for granted. We will grow to love each other more everyday. Thank you for being in my life and giving me your heart.

I believe in our love and I will treasure you always. I am the happiest man in the universe because of YOU, I love you so much. I told him I know who he is and that he should be ashamed of himself - he has not replied or denied being Michael smith on dating site Smith Lucas' and the site has not removed the profile even though I advised them of who he really three times already.

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I found out by copying the words he sent in his email and pasting them on Google, I was concerned that his email seemed to contradict his profile somewhat immediately sites with the same email came up and I read about this 'Michael Smith Lucas'.

I hope this helps and I hope he is stopped before he causes too much pain and financial destruction to other women. He had not got to the point of asking me for money, but I'm sure I am one of the lucky one's to find out early enough to avoid a situation. I have attached the photo he is still currently using on OkCupid. I myself have been a victim of this man with the name Michael Lucas Smith. But when he published himself to serve as American Military in Baghdad Iraq.

The photos that he used then was on a U. This bastard blew me a lot of money, I was totally in love and loved this man more than anything on earth. Then he told me Michael smith on dating site he had a son, 14 Michael smith on dating site old who lived with his grandmother.

Michael Smith, has many faces...

His parents had died in a car accident, and the boy's mother had also lost their lives in an accident. What I'm getting at is how to find out if this bastard sitting behind bars, I have been informed that this is the case, have tried to contact the EFCC from Nigeria but to no avail. This message was one of the first messages he sended to my hotmail.

Miss Marple from United States. Michael smith on dating site are on page 2 of 3, other pages: He has been operating under a tango network: Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here? Thanks to Eddie for writing it up. Hide my email when showing my comment.


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Ms Smith said: 'She began talking to him over the video service Yahoo a soldier this time called Michael Travis and they became 'engaged' would encourage those using dating sites or other internet forums "Michael smith on dating site" be vigilant. Online dating and its scammers. Michael smith on dating site this article and watch the video to see Michael smith on dating site you can easily identify if the profile of the person you're dating online is fake.

Here are some screenshots of a scammer called Lola Smith (Lollipop), claiming. them, took a picture of them with my cell and text it to Michael at.

So if you are looking for a good trustworthy online dating site where you do not get cheated by fake profiles or fake Michael SmithFollow.

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