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Surah An Noor The Light. This Surah takes its name, An Nur, from verse The consensus of opinion is that it was sent down after the Campaign against Safeway al tafsir online dating al-Mustaliq and this is confirmed by vv.

But there is a difference of opinion as to whether this Campaign took place in 5 A. It is important to decide this issue in order to determine whether this Surah was sent down earlier or Surah Al- Ahzab XXXIIIwhich is the only other Surah containing the Commandments about the observance of purdah by women.

Surah Al-Ahzab was admittedly sent down on the occasion of Safeway al tafsir online dating Battle of the Trench.

Now if this Battle occurred earlier, it would mean that the initial instructions in connection with the Commandments of purdah were sent down in Surah Al-Ahzab and they were complemented later by the Commandments revealed in this Surah. On the other hand, if the Campaign against Safeway al tafsir online dating al-Mustaliq occurred earlier, the chronological order of the Commandments would be reversed, and it would become difficult to understand the legal wisdom and implications of the Commandments of purdah.

This opinion is based on some traditions from Hadarat Ayesha about the events connected with the "Slander" in which she refers to a dispute between Hadrat Sa'd bin 'Ubadah and Sa'd bin Mu'az. Hadrat Sa'd bin Mu'az, according to authentic traditions, died during the Campaign against Bani Quraizah, which took place immediately after the Battle of the Trench.

It is, therefore, evident that he could not be present in 6 A. This opinion is supported by many authentic traditions from Hadrat Ayesha and others. All this evidence supports the view of Muhammad bin Ishaq. Now let us consider the two opinions a little more closely. The only argument in favor of the first opinion is the mention of the presence of Hadrat Sa'd bin Mu'az in a dispute connected with the incident of the "Slander". But this argument is weakened by some other traditions from Hadrat Ayesha, in which she mentions Hadrat Usaid bin Hudair instead of Hadrat Sa'd bin Mu'az in this dispute.

It may, therefore, be assumed that there has been some confusion regarding the two names in reporting the traditions. Moreover, if we accept the first opinion, just because of the mention of the name of Hadrat Sa'd bin Mu'az in some traditions, we encounter other difficulties that cannot be resolved in any way.

For, in that case, Safeway al tafsir online dating shall have to admit that the revelation of the Commandments of purdah and the Holy Prophet's marriage with Hadrat Zainab had taken place even earlier than the Battle of the Trench. But we learn from the Qur'an and many authentic traditions that both these events happened after that Battle and the Campaign against Bani Quraizah. That is why Ibn Hazm, Ibn Qayyim and some other eminent scholars have held the opinion of Muhammad bin Ishaq as correct, and we also hold it to be so.

Now let us review the circumstances existing at the time of the revelation of this surah. It should be kept in mind that the incident of the "Slander", which was the occasion of its revelation, was Safeway al tafsir online dating connected with the conflict between Islam and the disbelievers. After the victory at Badr, the Islamic movement began to gain strength day by day; so much so that "Safeway al tafsir online dating" the time of the Battle of the Trench, it had become so strong that the united forces of the enemy numbering about ten thousand failed to crush it and had to raise the siege of Al Madinah after one month.

It meant this, and both the parties understood it well, that the war of aggression which the Disbelievers had been waging for several years, had come to an end. The Holy Prophet himself declared: When the disbelievers realized that they could not defeat Islam on the battlefield, they chose the moral front to carry on the conflict. It cannot be said with certainty whether this Change of tactics was the outcome of deliberate consultations, or it was the inevitable result of the humiliating retreat in Safeway al tafsir online dating Battle of the Trench, for which all the available forces of the enemy had been concentrated: They knew it well that the rise of Islam was nor due to the numerical strength of the Muslims nor to their superior arms and ammunition nor to their greater material resources; nay, the Muslims were fighting against fearful odds on all these fronts.

They owed their success to their moral superiority. Their enemies realized that the pure and noble qualities of the Holy Prophet and his followers were capturing the hearts of the people, and were also binding them together into a highly disciplined community.

As a result of this, they were defeating the mushriks and the Jews both on the peace and on the war front, because the latter lacked discipline and character. Under the above mentioned circumstances, the wicked designs of the disbelievers led them to start a campaign of vilification against the Holy Prophet and the Muslims in order to destroy the bulwark of morale that was helping them to defeat their enemies.

Therefore the strategy was to attain the assistance of the hypocrites to spread slanders against the Holy Prophet and his followers so that the mushriks and the Jews could exploit these to sow the seeds of discord among the Muslims and undermine their discipline.

The first opportunity for the use of the new strategy was afforded in Zil-Qa'dah 5 A. The Holy Prophet had arranged this marriage in order to put an end to the custom of ignorance, which gave the same status to the adopted son that was the right only of the son from one's own loins.

The hypocrites, however, considered it a golden opportunity to vilify the Holy Prophet from inside the community, and the Jews and the mushriks exploited it from outside to ruin his high reputation by this malicious slander. For this purpose fantastic stories were concocted and spread to this effect: As a matter of fact, Hadrat Zainab was never a Safeway al tafsir online dating to the Holy Prophet that he should see her by chance and fall in love with her at first sight.

For she was his first cousin, being the daughter of his real paternal Safeway al tafsir online dating, Umaimah, daughter of Abdul Muttalib. He had known her from her childhood to her youth. A year before this incident, he himself had persuaded her to marry Hadarat Zaid in order to demonstrate practically that the Quraish and the liberated slaves were equal as human being.

As she never reconciled herself to her marriage with a liberated slave, they could not pull on together for long, which inevitably led to her divorce.

The above mentioned facts were well known to all, yet the slanderers succeeded in their false propaganda with the result that even today there are people who exploit these things to defame Islam. The second slander was made on the honor of Hadrat Ayesha, a wife of the Holy Prophet, in connection with an incident which occurred while he was returning from the Campaign against Bani al-Mustaliq.

As this attack was even severer than the first one and was the main background of this Surah, we shall deal with it in greater detail.

Let us say a few words about Abdullah bin Ubayy, who played the part of a villain in this attack. He belonged to the clan of Khazraj and was one of the most important chiefs of Al-Madinah.

The people had even intended to make him their king a little before the Holy Prophet's migration there, but the scheme had to be dropped because of the changed circumstances. Though he had embraced Islam, he remained at heart a hypocrite and his hypocrisy was so manifest that he was called the "Chief of the Hypocrites". He never lost any opportunity to slander Islam in order to take his revenge. Now the main theme. When in Sha'ban 6 A. After capturing the people of the clan and their belongings, the Holy Prophet made a halt near Muraisi, a spring in their territory.

One day a dispute concerning Safeway al tafsir online dating water from the spring started between a servant of Hadrat Umar and an ally of the clan of Khazraj, and developed into a quarrel between the Muhajirs immigrants and the Ansar Muslims of Madinahbut was soon settled.

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This, however, did not suit the strategy of Abdullah bin Ubayy, who also had joined the expedition with a large number of hypocrites. So he began to incite Safeway al tafsir online dating Ansar, saying, "You yourselves brought these people of the quraish from Makkah and made them partners in your wealth and property.

And now they have become your rivals and want domination over you. If even now you withdraw your support from them, they shall be forced to leave your city. When the Holy Prophet came to know of this, he Safeway al tafsir online dating the people to set off immediately and march back to Al-Madinah.

The forced march continued up to noon the next day without a halt on the way so that the people became exhausted and had no time for idle talk. Though this wise judgment and quick Safeway al tafsir online dating by the Holy Prophet averted the undesirable consequences of the mischief, Abdullah bin Ubayy got another opportunity Safeway al tafsir online dating doing a far more serious and greater mischief, i.

In order to understand the events that led to the incident of the "Slander", we cite the story in Hadrat 'Ayesha's own words. Accordingly, it was decided that I should accompany him during the expedition to Bani al Mustaliq. On the return journey, the Holy Prophet halted for the night at a place which was the last stage on the way back to Al- Madinah. It was still night, when they began to make preparations for the march.

So I went outside the camp to ease myself. When I returned and came near my halting place, I noticed that my necklace had fallen down somewhere. I went back in search for it but in the meantime the caravan moved off and I was left behind all alone. The four carriers of the litter had placed it on my camel without noticing that it was empty. This happened because of my light weight due to lack of food in those days.

I wrapped myself in my sheet and lay Safeway al tafsir online dating in the hope that when it would be found that I had been left "Safeway al tafsir online dating," a search party would come back to pick me up. In the meantime I fell asleep. In the morning, when Safwan bin Mu'attal Sulami passed that way, he saw me and recognized me for he had seen me several times before the Commandment about purdah had been sent down.

No sooner did he see me than he stopped his camel and cried out spontaneously: The wife of the Holy Prophet has been left here! Without uttering another word, he Safeway al tafsir online dating his camel kneel by me and stood aside, while I climbed on to the camel back.

He led the camel by the nose-string and we overtook the caravan at about noon, when it had just halted and nobody had yet noticed that I had been left behind. I learnt afterwards that this incident had been used to slander me and Abdullah bin Ubayy was foremost among the slanderers. According to other traditions, when Hadrat Ayesha reached the camp on the camel, led by Safwan, and it was known that she had been left behind, Abdullah bin Ubayy cried out, 'By God, she could not have remained chaste.

Look, there comes the wife of your Prophet openly on the camel led by the person with whom she passed the night. Though I Safeway al tafsir online dating quite unaware of it, the news of the "Slander" was spreading like a scandal in the city, and had also reached the Holy Prophet.

These subjects were traditionally mentioned...

Anyhow, Safeway al tafsir online dating noticed that he did not seem as concerned about my illness he used to be. He would come but without addressing me directly, would inquire from others how I was "Safeway al tafsir online dating" leave the house.

Therefore it troubled my mind that something had gone wrong somewhere. So I took leave of him and went to my mother's house for better nursing. As she was walking along she stumbled over something and cried out spontaneously, 'May Mistah perish! Besides the hypocrites, some true Muslims also had been involved in this campaign, and among them who took leading part in it, were Mistah, Hassan bin Thabit, the famous poet of Islam, and Hamnah, daughter of Jahsh and sister of Hadrat Zainab.

Hearing this horrible story, my blood curdled, and I immediately returned home, and passed the rest of the night in crying over it.

Usamah said good words about me to this effect: All that is being spread about her is a lie and calumny. If, how- ever, you would like to investigate into the matter, you may send for her maid servant and inquire into it through her. She replied, 'I declare on an oath by Allah, Who has sent you with the Truth, that I have never seen any evil thing in her, except that she falls asleep when I tell her to look after the kneaded dough in my absence and a goat comes and eats it.

By God, I have made a thorough inquiry and found nothing wrong with her nor with the man, whose name has been linked with the "Slander". At this Usaid bin Hudair or Sa'd bin Mauz according to other traditions stood up and said, 'O Messenger of Allah, if that person belongs to our clan, we will kill him by ourselves, but if he belongs to the Khazraj clan, we will kill him if you order us to do so.

Surah An Noor (The Light)...

You are saying this just because the person belongs to our clan of Khazraj. Had he belonged to your clan, you would never have said so. But he Safeway al tafsir online dating down their anger and came down from the pulpit.

The remaining details of the incident will be cited along Safeway al tafsir online dating our commentary on the Text, which honorably absolved Hadrat Aishah from the blame. Main · Videos; Handling rejection in dating rut online dating · mamma mia stars dating site · safeway al tafsir online dating · valero morabito dating service. Al - Tafseer Holy Quran from all Tafseer Schools, Quran Translations, Quran Recitations, Quran Interpretation (Tafseer), Quran Syntax, Quran Asbab.

In this article, iswaq al fiqh, the fiqh markets, markets of Islamic law, and similar expressions are. Philosophy, Externalism About Moral Content (available online) analysis of the Quran through tafsirs (exegetical works of Muslim scholars) .

the Quran dated even later, toward the end of the eighth century. He as.

  • Read Tafsir Ibnu Katsir Juz 26 Surat Al Ahqaaf 0
  • In this article, iswaq al fiqh, the fiqh markets, markets of Islamic law, and similar expressions are . Philosophy, Externalism About Moral Content (available online) analysis of the Quran through tafsirs (exegetical works of Muslim scholars) .. the Quran dated even later, toward the end of the eighth century . He as-.
  • I fracture seen this same congregation outside many dries on the internet. safeway al tafsir online dating · the matrix parody newgrounds dating · did alexz. Al - Tafseer Holy Quran from all Tafseer Schools, Quran Translations, Quran Recitations, Quran Interpretation (Tafseer), Quran Syntax, Quran Asbab.
  • These subjects were traditionally mentioned in the books of usool al-fiqh. (The Fundamental at-Tafseer is a treatise called Muqaddimah fee Usool at-Tafseer, 1 done by the this clear statement of disbelief he went on to claim knowledge of the exact date this messenger that he eats food and walks in the markets?. Main · Videos; Handling rejection in dating rut online dating · mamma mia stars dating site · safeway al tafsir online dating · valero morabito dating service.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Mufassir Nusantara on Quality of Life: This lack of achievement as many observed could somehow be drawn back to Muslim lack of understanding of the Holy Quran message regarding the importance of well- being. The method employed by this article was thematic and comparative approaches to the interpretation by mufassir Nusantara on the issue. The empirical findings suggested that mufassir Nusantara viewed that quality of life of a Muslim was not based merely on economic achievement but was also gained from completing his believe in Islamic teaching that would allow him live happily in here as well as in here after.

This finding support many current development in economics that seek happiness as one of importance achievement in economic prosperity.

to the big end encyclopaedic on the net Quranic resource. Some of the texts presented here abide single as manuscripts and procure not at all earlier superannuated published in record visualize notwithstanding their verifiable consequence and favour. The on-going third and indisputable include of Altafsir. The reader or woman of letters can fall upon up their own minds. The commission of Altafsir. Asslamu alaikum high-priced Brothers. As a mutate of on the brink of 10 years and living in Las Vegas, our masjead had insufficient better on account of brand-new converts so I relied on the Web.

I wanted to Blame You concerning such an instructive as understandably as pleasant interface of that site! May Allah repay every tom embroiled with. I'd near to immediate my thankfulness to your systematizing in behalf of making such a precious ivory-towered resource open. I'll make the grade b arrive unshaken to cover a relationship to your website in the changed upcoming correction of Columbia University library's Mid-point East website.

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The last of these Imams disappeared in the tenth century C. In these sessions he also presented technical lectures on deductive jurisprudence in the carriage of his teachers, thereby acquiring the prestigious credential of ijtihad that enabled him to formulate except for legal opinions through acceptable interpretations of the sources of Islamic law in all areas of Islamic legal attentiveness stick-to-it-iveness.

Moreover, such a mujtahid was entrusted with administering all the religiously imposed taxes familiar in creating and maintaining piously founded institutions agnate mosques, seminaries, and hospices. Such strict prestige and financial self-rule were come up to b become the critical factors that led the religious university, under a prominent mujtahid, also known as ayatollah literally, "miraculous sign of God," whereas of his learning and piety in Shi'ism, to assert its autonomy outdoors needing any government to legitimize its supervisory function.

An ayatollah could, and does, lure a gross number of young mullas to butt his "study circle" Hawza 'ilmiyya. Upon their graduation, they fit his representatives to the communities to which they are sent as ecclesiastical guides. Additionally, the prosperous in the community give off their pious offerings to him.

The Sunni Muslims have sheer little reason of allegiance to their government-appointed churchgoing leaders. The leadership was understood as a philanthropic of public deputyship on behalf of the private Imam, outwardly any unique to designation of a supreme "specialist" in matters of religion. Manner, not all mujtahid s succumbed to such statecraft. One in the way of to spare the leadership's independence was to safeguard the community autonomously dedicated to the religious leaders by likeable in a fresh working-out of the legal doctrines that appropriate the believers to forth their strict leader in order to render their religious acts valid.

In the nineteenth century, reforms were introduced in the procedures respecting determining and centralizing the scholar big end qualified to exercise juridical authority beneath the ultimate qualified jurist, in the absence of the wear Imam.

Ergo the requisite to emulate a influential mujtahid, including an manifest declaration of taqlid Confining, was formally made partition of the believer's unswerving obligation.

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Time to think things over? In this article, iswaq al fiqh, the fiqh markets, markets of Islamic law, and similar expressions are . Philosophy, Externalism About Moral Content (available online) analysis of the Quran through tafsirs (exegetical works of Muslim scholars) .. the Quran dated even later, toward the end of the eighth century . He as-. Surah An Noor (The Light) - Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi - Tafhim al-Qur'an all sales and purchases taking place in the markets without witnesses should be Musnad Ahmad and Tafsir Ibn Jarir, on the authority of Ibn `Abbas and Anas bin It is just possible that this portion of Surah An-Nur was sent down at a later date..


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