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I really want to kiss someone


I mean tongue down each other's throat. What urge triggers the action and how does it feel during it? Just seem to be a bit slimy and disgusting to me. I have seen people do it they seem to be lost in each other. I don't I really want to kiss someone I have ever had "the urge to kiss someone" like that I have tried it, but I can't remember what it was like I would like to know as well I have no clue how it would feel like to want to do that eww.

I'd also like to know.

A kiss is just a...

I'm aromantic and a bit romance repulsed, so kissing always felt weird and gross to me. I'm curious to see what its like for other people. I have felt the urge to kiss someone, though those feelings never included the need for tongue-on-tongue action. I've tried french kissing but it's really not for me, especially because it always seems to go on for so long. I really want to kiss someone should never be longer than I really want to kiss someone second or 4 -- it just gets so awkward otherwise because I'm never THAT into it.

I like kissing, but I wouldn't kiss just anyone.

I like kissing, but I...

The urge for me it's kind of like when you see chocolate cake and you just can't wait to put it in your mouth, haha. There's probably not a set method but people usually french kiss when they're really into it and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. At least, that's how I've experienced it: Sorry to sound stupid. What is the intent? To play with the tongue? Or aim to get some feelings below the belt? The following opinion is based on personal experience and what I think I know about biology, so its not applicable to everyone, and suffers from being a form of teleology.

I guess the first question to answer would be what on earth made me want to kiss them. Children's movies and typical teen flicks said kissing equals awesome, magical, etc. The second was that in both instances, I I really want to kiss someone not repulsed by either of these girls. I would be repulsed if they looked and smelled like male body builders and had biker gang beards. Not because I don't think these people look cool, but my sexuality developed in a direction in which the thought of kissing such people repulses me.

I'd kiss a male crayfish in a heartbeat But I suppose that's a digression because we're talking about kisses with sexual intentions, not social kissing. Anyway, my first kiss required the girl to practically tell me to I really want to kiss someone her, since I had developed certain boundaries with the opposite sex that were difficult to cross. So I needed a huge 'kiss me, stupid' in order to have any true motivation to kiss a girl. Beyond that, during my first kiss, my body was chock full of adrenaline and oxytocin, which effectively made me feel like I really, really enjoyed being with that person, they were extra attractive, and I was about to do something new and therefore exciting.

This was an open mouth kiss, though not a 'tongue down your throat kiss', but the buzz in my head was quite similar. My first kiss with my wife was I really want to kiss someone 'tongue down your throat' marathon kiss.

“I really want to kiss...

I knew her in high school, and then she moved away and we ended up in a long distance relationship. I already had positive feelings about her, and had experienced the effects of oxytocin on the brain with her. But the distance and long distance phone conversations gave way to excessive fantasy, which included kissing, and these fantasies were all positive and increased the desirability and inhibition to kiss when we first got together in real life again, I think.

I was not thinking ew, gross. I suppose I should say that I had become an "I really want to kiss someone" junkie during puberty. In particular, I was introduced abruptly to the world of pornography when I I really want to kiss someone discovered my Dad possessed a lot. It was all extremely shocking and scary, so there was a lot of adrenaline in my system.

But there was also a lot of visual stimulus that caused an erection, and I wanted to masturbate. I did so, and the good feeling that comes from an orgasm got tied to adrenaline.

Kissing really is one of...

The quality of the orgasm was one of the greatest and easiest I'd ever ever had, due to excessive visual input. Many similar incidents during adolescence tied adrenaline to positive outcome and sexual incentive. In other words, the more stressful the situation, the more appealing the stimulus. I usually get a pleasant, tingly sensation downstairs when I feel adrenaline in situation where sexual expression is appealing. So the adrenaline was a big push, and the fact that my first kiss sent my oxytocin levels soaring was another positive reinforcement.

I also believed I really loved my future wife, was influenced by social portrayals of kissing, and had had tons of fantasies that were really great about kissing her. I was already sexually attracted to her because of her resemblance to certain sexual ques that I had developed and had a positive association with during puberty, but I am also aware in retrospect that insane levels of oxytocin effectively exaggerated these traits in my mind and made me oblivious to I really want to kiss someone that were not traits that I would normally find attractive in an individual.

When we kissed, all of the sensations were pleasant: There was no hesitance in her kiss which lowered my inhibition. And as far as the aspects of this kiss that some would find I really want to kiss someone gross, 'slimy' felt soft and gentle, and adrenaline and oxytocin were at previously I really want to kiss someone levels, causing these sensations to be extremely pleasant due to the ability to elevate ones mood beyond the bounds of reason.

I should note as well that due to the nature of my masturbatory behavior that required lubrication, 'slimy' became a very positive thing for me early on. In other words, I could only achieve my most pleasant feeling body state by rubbing something 'slimy' on myself.

So 'slimy' never had negative associations when it came to sexual behavior. I would guess oxytocin had a roll in my first kiss with my wife, who growing up was repulsed by sharing food, hugging, kissing, holding hands, smells, crunchy onions--a lot of things. Very sensitive, and still is about a lot of things: P So I think oxytocin made her unaware of the things she found repulsive, but she had to believe she I really want to kiss someone in love with me in order for her brain to start producing that chemical like mad, and I think I supplied her with a fair share of positive fantasy about our lives together before we were living together.

Then I think because she had so many positive experiences when we first got together, she lost a sense of revulsion when it came to certain things as long as they were with me. Maybe my wife will have something to add to that, "I really want to kiss someone" she's sleeping, now: But you know what?

Mustard gives me the heebie jeebies. I would have immense difficulty kissing my wife if she had a mouth full of mustard And she has trouble kissing me when I smell a certain way, but it must have been a health problem I had because she can't smell it anymore.

I don't think anything I say can measure up to otakuzaru's response. I think he did a pretty good job of describing it. For me, personally, I don't really I really want to kiss someone open-mouthed kisses. Of course, all of the ones I've experienced were a result of drinking, with people I am very much not romantically attracted to, so I can't say whether or not I would enjoy them with someone I'm romantically involved with.

But I do enjoy close-mouthed kisses. And I can only imagine how much better it would be I really want to kiss someone someone I really liked. But I can say that urge to kiss someone, for me, is just a result of the warm, fuzzy feeling I really want to kiss someone get from being around them. I just like them so freaking much that I want to express it in one of the only ways I know how. Kissing for me has always been associated with feelings of strong affection, so I get that urge.

Maybe someday I'll meet someone I want to play tonsil hockey with, but I don't see that day coming anytime soon. For me it's like when you're really hungry for a specific food and you get the food; that feeling right before chowing down that's kind of like "I've been waiting for this and I don't want to hold back anymore". I only really like open mouthed kissing when I'm physically aroused and attracted to someone. Since right now I feel like I do experience rare sexual attraction as well as strong sensual attraction and aesthetic attractionit is triggered as a result of usually the latter two, but will also be triggered for sure if I'm sexually attracted to someone.

I don't get that urge, ever. At most I'd be comfortable with fairly chaste kissing. Dunno how to describe how that feels, though. Never experienced this urge, because I don't care much for kissing.

And I have had some experience with it before, so it's not like it's something I've never done. Most people seem to describe a sort of pleasurable shock or jolt sensation when it comes to kissing, but I never got anything like that.

First off, I'm a demiromantic demisexual. I have to really care about a person before i am attracted to them. I remember about 2 years ago, i was "talking" to this guy.

We hung out once. We were cuddling and he looked like he wanted to kiss me but he got scared i think. But i didnt want to kiss him. The cuddling was nice I had felt the urge I really want to kiss someone kiss before and i wanted to kiss someone- it looked fun I really want to kiss someone me. Now I'm with my boyfriend.

See, kissing is different. And let me tell you But imagination can only take you so far. It's an urge, to kiss and be kissed- it's like a sex drive, almost, but not quite, as you really can't "take care of it. And then you want to kiss other parts of them, to show how beautiful you think that person is, you just want to kiss them, and run your hands up and down their body because they are just so If you want a guy to kiss you, you have to let him know!

He might be Kiss him. If you really want to kiss the guy, and you know he's into you, go ahead and do it!. I didn't know he'd be my boyfriend at the time, I really want to kiss someone I knew I wanted him to When you kiss someone you really like for the first time, your body. “I really want to kiss you.

How do you feel about that?” “May I kiss your shoulder, working my way up your neck to that hollow just behind your ear?” “Tonight.

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