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Sign up for a free Medical News Today account to customize your medical and health news Real womans pussy. According to one study, the average depth of a vagina is about 3. Other sources suggest that the average Real womans pussy of size may be about 3 to 7 inches approximately 7.

A report in the BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology said that the average depth of the vagina is about 3. In fact, the depth of the vagina from the opening to the tip of the cervix can measure anywhere up to 7 inches Several types of tissue line the inside of the vagina, including the mucosa. The mucosa is made up of specialized cells that secrete a lubricating fluid, which helps the vaginal walls to stretch. The exterior portion of the female Real womans pussy is the vulva.

The vulva includes the labia minora and majora — Real womans pussy lip-like parts of the female genitals. The appearance of vulvas varies widely. The skin may be the same color or Real womans pussy than the rest of the "Real womans pussy." The labia majora, which are the external "lips," can vary from around 2. The clitoris ranges from about 0. The vagina's size and depth changes in certain situations. It can stretch to accommodate the insertion of a tampon, Real womans pussy finger, or a penis.

During arousal, more blood flows to the vagina. This causes the vagina to elongate and the cervix, or Real womans pussy of the uterus, to lift up slightly, allowing more of a penis, finger, or sex toy to fit in the vagina. While a vagina expands during arousal, a large penis or sex toy can still cause discomfort when having sex.

The vagina will not change in appearance, as it is internal. In fact, research has Real womans pussy no link between the depth of a person's vagina and their age. However, the labia may appear smaller over time. This is because the amount of estrogen in the body decreases with age, which can reduce fat and collagen.

The genitals may also appear to change color, becoming lighter or darker with hormonal changes over time. Some women may find that their vagina feels different following childbirth. While the tissues in the vagina do stretch to accommodate a baby, this is not permanent. Research has found no difference in vaginal length between women who had given birth and those who had not. If a person thinks their vagina feels different after childbirth, a doctor may recommend Kegel exercises, which involve squeezing and releasing the muscles used to control urination to help strengthen "Real womans pussy" pelvic floor.

The average erect penis is about 33 percent longer than the average vagina.

WebMD's Vagina Anatomy Page provides...

While both penis and vagina sizes can vary, these organs can Real womans pussy accommodate each Real womans pussy. A study found the average erect penis length to be just over 5 inches Some women may report discomfort if their sexual partner has a penis that is larger than average. It may be painful or uncomfortable if an object such as Real womans pussy penis or sex toy hits the cervix.

Having adequate lubrication and communicating any discomfort to a partner can help keep sexual activity pleasurable. The depth and appearance of vaginas vary greatly between individuals. Usually, the depth of the vagina is between 3 and 7 inches. The vagina is an organ that is designed to accommodate Real womans pussy childbirth and sexual activity. However, if a woman is experiencing pain during sex due to what she perceives as a shallow vagina, she should talk to her doctor.

Doctors can investigate any underlying causes for the pain, and may refer someone to a specialist.

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A specialist may recommend pelvic floor therapy or sex therapy, which can make sex more pleasurable regardless of vaginal depth. Article last reviewed by Fri 16 March All references are available in the References tab. How deep is the average vagina, and does it elongate when something's in it? Does size matter for women? Women's preferences for penis size: A new research method using selection among 3D models. PLoS One10 9e Sexual arousal in women. A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15 men.

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Register for a free account Sign up for a free Medical News Today account to customize your medical and health news experiences. Register take the tour. Table of contents Size and appearance What affects size? Changes over time Vagina Real womans pussy and penis length Self-care tips Takeaway. The depth of the vagina is measured from the opening of the vagina to the tip of the cervix, which opens into the uterus.

Studies have not found a difference in vaginal length in women who have given birth and those who have not. The 10 things you should know about your vagina.

While almost half the world's population has a vagina, there is probably a lot you do not know about it. Learn more with this article. Changing pads and tampons frequently will help to keep the vagina Real womans pussy. This content requires JavaScript to be enabled.

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A color-coded guide to vaginal discharge Eight causes of nipple pain What do different types of vaginal discharge mean? How deep is a vagina? Subscribe Your privacy is important to us. Take a look at these pictures of real labia to get a sense of how varied they can really be, and read on to learn more about their overall. The only real exploration I did was lying on the bathroom floor at 12 Then my vagina and I basically went our separate ways, except for the.

The vagina changes: during sex, throughout "Real womans pussy" menstrual cycle, and with age and different life stages.

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